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Forget About How to Lose the Weight!

Posted Feb 16 2010 12:19am

When it comes to being overweight, the real issue isn’t  so much what you’re eating, but “What’s Eating You?”

Being overweight is simply a symptom of something else going on, (or that has gone on) in your life.

If you just gained weight recently, say because you’ve had a child, then you know where and why you have to focus once your baby is born.

If you’ve been overweight most of your life, then you need to return to your childhood and explore or discover what was going on in order to DEAL and HEAL with those issues.  This can be a painful process, but a necessary one.

You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

Often, emotions and feelings like rejection, lonliness, shame, guilt, failure, etc. will surface.  As you get older, these similar feelings are triggered and we turn to food for comfort, or to fill a void.

Weight Loss Talk

Our redundant answers to weight loss today is eat less, exercise more, drink more water, eat less sugar, get more sleep.    When done right, you are telling yourself that your health is first and foremost in your life. When done wrong, it becomes a merry-go-round of many things that end up as that four-letter word.  DIET.

Diet is a Noun!

The problem with diets is that once you go one, you eventually have to go off it.  DIET should not be a verb, it should be a NOUN.  It should be sustainable and made up mostly of foods that grow in the ground, or on trees.

Weight Loss Tools

Journaling is a highly recommended way to track your successes, setbacks and feelings.

Support Groups – there is strength in numbers and support groups can be a great source of acceptance, understanding, but more importantly – a safe place to share experiences.

Automate Meals is a great way to deal with menu planning.  Try keeping breakfast and lunch the same for a couple of weeks while you work on great meals for dinner.

Weight Loss Techniques

Motivation can go a long to get you started, but are you starting for the right reasons?  Are you motivated to lose weight or to change your lifestyle?

Visualization is necessary in order to communicate with your insides at a cellular level.  We are, after all, energy; made up of millions of cells, and each and every one of them are awaiting your next instructions.  What are you telling yours?

Willpower is supposed to be this magical thing that happens from the inside to keep you on track, but it is easier to just Have a Plan!


Instead of losing 50 pounds of fat, lose 50 pounds of baggage.  What’s in your back pack that you’ve been carrying around for so many years that is not allowing you to be the healthy person you deserve to be?

Answer that question & a healthy mind, body & spirit awaits you!



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