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For women: Moderate exercise for 30 minute sheds 150 calories.

Posted by Swati S.

I read somewhere that if a woman weighing around 150 pounds exercises at moderate speed for half-an-hour, she can lose around 150 calories (at the rate of about 300 calories per hour). I would like to check this out. Does anybody have any feedback on this?

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"Moderate speed" is vague. Determining exact caloric expenditure can be done using semi-sophisticated machinery. The important thing here is to GRADUALLY increase the heart rate intensity and the duration of your exercise. The most beneficial way to approach cardiovascular exercise is to do "interval"training, that is, work at a variety of heart rates, from about 50%-90% of your PERCEIVED exertion level, over a period of about 10-30 minutes each time, depending on your endurance level. Your endurance will increase and so will your speed, even as your heart rate stays about the same and eventually decreases as the heart strengthens. Go for it!
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