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For Successful Weight Loss You Certainly Don’t Need a Sword, But You Do Need a Shield

Posted Mar 17 2013 5:00am

All right. It’s come down to the wire, and you go ahead and set it. You’d been wishy-washy for so long, but now with full resolve and in your right mind you make the leap and say to yourself, “I’m going to lose my unwanted weight.” There, you’ve set your goal.

Now what do you do to shield your goal from all the things that might deter you from reaching it?

Research on goal shielding shows that by

  • increasing your commitment 
  • viewing your commitment as a necessity and not just as an aspiration
  • using related goals to facilitate your goal (e.g., take care of emotional situations directly and not through eating that spoils your weight-loss regimen)
  • keeping your motivation high
  • maintaining your emotional equilibrium
  • seeking closure for each step along the way to your goal

you can keep focused on your goal and reduce the possibility of becoming distracted or tempted by conflicting goals.


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