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For Good Dieting Tips That Work, Use Athletes as Your Model

Posted Oct 26 2010 2:00am

There are two things champion athletes do that less successful athletes don’t. One is they acknowledge that it is going to be hard at times, even before they start an athletic quest like a bicycle race, or a running race, or a tennis match.

Knowing full well that it will be hard at times is a big help to athletes. What they can do is mentally and physically prepare for exactly that.

The other thing elite athletes do is to become as familiar with the course as they can, before the actual race or match. The more they know about the terrain they are to travel, the better their chances of doing well. They learn where the rougher spots are, and how to pace themselves.

Most of all, what top athletes do is get mentally prepared. Their minds—even more than their bodies— need to be fit.

So, you think losing weight and keeping it off isn’t as great a feat? It certainly is. And if you’re serious about it—if it’s something very important to your life—successful athletes can give you the example you need to push through until you get there.



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