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Football dinner

Posted Nov 07 2012 7:27pm

I am so glad the election season is over!!!  Now can we please get back to being civil with each other?  Time to move forward.  You know they always say you reap what you sow.  So don’t start sowing anger and fighting, know what I mean?  Try sowing compassion, open-mindedness and willingness to work together.  Imagine what that could do.

We were up a bit later watching returns last night, so it was a tired morning heading off for Bagel Wednesday.  (I think it deserves a capital B).  Check out this morning’s temp:

That’s cold for early November.  Or just cold, period.  I think it was in the teens overnight.  Just about time to break out the flannel sheets, I think.

This makes it all better, though.

Today is obviously not a lower carb day  :mrgreen:

Looks like we are escaping any heavy snow up here.  It’s going to be south of us and a bit east.  It did start to get breezy today and just kind of dreary weather.

I wanted a nice warm lunch.

BBQ turkey on a potato. Patent pending.

Today felt like Thursday for some reason.  Maybe because yesterday felt like 2 days?   I was ready for my latte today.

Nice crema on this one, too.  Tasty!

So, after 3 weeks of Lori superiority, John finally won the football picks and he wanted to claim his dinner tonight.  He was also nice enough to use a coupon for his meal.  He decided to go to Dango’s Dugout.  We had been here before and figured we would give it one more try.  The bar section was busy, but the dining room was empty save for us.

Our meals came with some salad – all iceberg, but at least there was a cucumber on there.

You would think that with the place this empty that it wouldn’t take long to get food, wouldn’t you?  It took forever!  I studied my placemat and see this ad:

Nice phone number.  Overreact much?

Our meals finally arrived.  I had ordered broiled scallops.  Who knew that meant they were broiled and then served in a dish of butter!

Gahhh!  I had wanted a potato or rice, but since I had a potato at lunch and a bagel for breakfast, I chose broccoli instead.  That was cooked well, at least.  I did like my scallops and John liked his coconut shrimp, but without the $15 off coupon – this meal would *not* be worth the price.  I think I would only go back for 5 cent wing night  :wink:

Poor John was a little disappointed in his football meal.  Too bad he has to wait another 3 weeks before he wins again!

Dessert tonight?

You know it!

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