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Foods That Really Help to Burn Fat

Posted May 06 2010 3:01am

There are many secrets to losing weight . One of these secrets is discovering fat burning foods. So what exactly are fat burning foods? These foods help tame your appetite and help to slim your torso. Now that you know this information, you probably want to know what they are, don’t you? The good news is I am going to tell you what they are. The best news is that they are all easily available to you at your favorite store.

Essential fatty acids , also known as EFA’s, are derived from foods like fish. Here is what is interesting about this acid; studies have shown that women who eat fish on a regular basis have lower levels of a protein hormone.

This protein hormone is called leptin and it is linked to obesity and a sluggish metabolism. One way you can supply your body with EFA’s is through supplements. The best supplements include fresh tuna and wild salmon. You can also eat fresh fish a few times a week.

The USDA discovered that ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon helps the body metabolize sugar up to 20 times faster. It also helps to lower blood sugar levels.

Cayenne pepper can really help to speed up your metabolism . This same philosophy can be applied to chili pepper. Recent studies have shown by sprinkling your food with chili pepper can help you lose up to 5 lbs every four weeks!

Garlic also helps with thermogenic energy within the body, which raises metabolism. It helps lower insulin levels, which helps with burning fat.

Ginger helps to increase body heat by expanding blood vessels. It has actually been shown to help boost metabolism by 20%. It is also seen as an excellent all natural ingredient, which helps cleanse body toxins and helps increase blood circulation.

Berries and apples both contain pectin, which is known for its water binding properties, which helps to prevent fat from being absorbed within the body.

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits have high amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important in weight loss because it helps to dilute fat within the body. When fat is diluted, it is much easier to be excreted from the body. Vitamin C also has been shown to boost the metabolism.

A study in 2005, published in the International Journal of Obesity concluded that both calcium and protein when combined in low fat foods actually help promote weight loss. Both of these components also help with maintaining muscle mass. So try eating at least three servings a day in order to get the full benefits of low fat calcium and protein-enriched foods.

This is a guest article by Lisa Roberts. After losing over 50lbs in 2007, and keeping it off since, Lisa developed a passion for writing about health and weight loss, mainly exercise, and now co-writes a popular weight loss website aimed at helping people to lose weight – and keep it off!

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Foods That Really Help to Burn Fat

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