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Foods That Increase Your Metabolism

Posted Nov 21 2008 2:13pm

Many people who are trying to lose weight all over the world always wonder to know if there is any foods that increase your metabolism and also lose weight. The simple truth is that there are some foods that increase your metabolism just by consuming them. These foods that increase your metabolism are call negative calorie foods.

In the never ending battle to lose weight people have tried all sorts of calorie cutting diets, energy boosting pills and the latest “Fat Buster” exercise machine seen on late night TV. During this quest to burn off the fat they come to realize that maybe what they are doing is not working as well as advertised. The reality is that if we give our bodies the nutrition that they need by eating healthy nutrient dense foods we’ve already won half the battle.

One of the first things we must understand is how your body uses and stores energy. YOur bodies get their energy from the foods we eat but that energy comes in many different forms. We can get it from protein, carbohydrates and fat and there are different forms of these as well. It’s how your bodies use these various forms of energy that affect your metabolism.

Negative calorie foods -

Negative calorie foods are some foods that contain a very low amount of calories which makes absorption difficult for the body mainly because they contain a very high amount of fiber. Whenever you eat any of these negative calorie foods, your body makes use of more calories during digestive process than this foods actually contain thereby creating calorie deficit which increase your chances of losing weight. So many of the so call weight loss experts claim that this foods increase your metabolism which is totally false. The truth is that these foods create a calorie deficit which every one agrees is good for your weight loss but if you don’t eat this foods the day then, your metabolic rate returns to it normal level.

Protein -

Medical researches shows that eating a good amount of proteinous foods may cause your body to burn an extra 200 calories more per day. This is because your body finds it hard digesting the amino acids which are present in proteins thereby making it to use up more energy in the process of digestion. However this is another temporary way to increase your metabolism. This doesn’t increase your metabolism permanently.

Spicy - Spicy foods can create a temporary spike in the levels of calorie burning. Again, this is a short effect.

Here are some Foods That Increase Your Fat Metabolism

Fruit and Vegetables


apples, blueberries, watermelon, grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines and more


Carrots, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus, beet roots and more

Suggestions regarding the food that burns more than you eat are
If what you want to achieve is a quick weight loss and only want to lose some few pounds then you must learn to eat negative calorie foods only for between 3-5 days.

If you want a more sustainable weight loss, combine negative calorie foods into your meals in the proportion that fit your needs during your diet period.

Exercise more regularly; Exercising more regularly will not only increase your metabolism doing the workout but continues for a period of time after you’ve stop the exercise or workout.

Do not try to loose weight by skipping meals. Skipping meals lowers your metabolism. Therefore learn to eat more. Eat small and many meals; then your metabolism will be active all the time.

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