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Posted Feb 04 2010 4:58am

It has not been my main focus. I think that has really helped make this weight loss easy. I remember going on diets in the past and I would obsess about food. I would spend my time writing down each mealcounting caloriesor avoiding carbsetc. WellI no longer want to give food that much attention and those are not things I want to do for the rest of my life.

I really only think about food on two different occasions.

  1. Once a week at the Grocery store when I go and buy healthy minimally or completely unprocessed foods. That wayI know at home whatever I grab for a snackwhatever combo I put together for lunchor whatever ingredients my husband uses to make us dinner is going to be fine.
  2. Secondly would be eating out. Eating out at a restauranta friends housea partyetc. At firstI did obsess about this part. I even skipped a New Years day breakfast at my sister’s house because I was afraid I would eat unhealthy. Nowforget it. I’m living my life and will make the best choices I can think of when in these types of situations.

I know the other methods I mentioned above work. They just don’t work for me. My ultimate goal is to put all my attention towards living my happiest most fulfilled life and when I happen to be hungryI go eat something healthy and delicious.

(Side Note: Spin Class was full last night so I took the Turbokick class instead. Today is strength training and 3 miles. My fingers are crossed that I lower my 3 mile completion time.)

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