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Food Scale Giveaway!

Posted Jan 26 2009 3:55pm

If you guys watch any of my cooking videos on GreenLiteBites you may know I can’t survive in the kitchen without my food scale. I don’t only measure to help with portions but it helps out when making recipes and calculating nutritional information. It just became a habit like so many other things. :)

A while back William from EatSmart was nice enough to donate 2 of his EatSmart Nutrition Scales ( actually it was almost exactly a year ago!) Well William has some new products and again, would like to donate 2 for my readers! YAY!

Click on the images below to check out the 2 new scales, the original Nutrition Scale (it has a DB of nutrition information) and his sharp digital bathroom scale that’s actually out of stock. :(

Now time for the contest! We will be giving away two EatSmart Precision Touch - Professional Glass Top Digital Kitchen Scales! (Top left image)

There are 2 ways to enter….

  1. Each blogger who copies and pastes the code below in a blog post before next Monday (Feb 2) gets assigned a number and entry to the contest. Be sure to post the link to your blog in the comments to guarantee your entry and get your assigned number.(Yes BlogToLose blogs count - remember my tip from the last contest? :)

    <p>Check out the scale giveaway on <a href="">Roni’s Weight Loss Blog</a>! I can win an <a href="">Affordable Food Scale from Eat Smart</a> and so can you! <a href="">Click here for contest details</a>!</p>

    It will look like this…

    Check out the scale giveaway on Roni’s Weight Loss Blog! I can win an Affordable Food Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for contest details!

  2. The other winner will randomly be selected from my email subscription list. This way all non-bloggers will still have a chance! If you don’t receive my blog feed via email fill out the subscription form on the top (right) of this page. (my daily posts will be delivered to your inbox!) If you already receive the email you are already entered!

As for restrictions, unfortunately the scales can only be shipped to a US address. Sorry guys! I’m looking out for ya and trying to figure out more international giveaways!

NOTE: If you do not see your link right away… don’t fret. You probably got marked as SPAM. I’ll get ya. If you don’t see your comment in 24 hours let me know.

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