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Food Pyramid Fails The Weight Loss Test

Posted Jul 08 2009 11:16pm
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The current food pyramid as we know it is way out of line for what should actually make up responsible healthy eating plan.

This statement is especially true when you are looking for some weight loss tips that will send your results into overdrive.

I was inspired to write this post thanks to a comment from a reader Alan on yesterdays post on carb cycling.

You can see what the current food pyramid as recommended by government agencies looks like by going to this google image search here.

I don’t want to paste one on this blog to keep me out of trouble from infringing on someone’s copyrighted stuff.

What I will post here though is how the new food pyramid for weight loss should look.

You can see when you compare the two that there is a massive difference!

<b>How The Real Food Pyramid Should Look</b>

How The Real Food Pyramid Should Look

Guess which one is going to give you the best results?

The one that doesn’t have refined grains and foods like breads and cereals on the bottom part of the pyramid.

Seriously, how do the relevant government organisations expect people to lose weight and reverse the obesity epidemic that is upon us if we follow that information?

Don’t you think that if we actually changed the way that society as a whole looks at food and what actually comprises a healthy eating plan then maybe we would be saving billions of dollars from the health care system?

The advice that people have been given for years isn’t working.

People are getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker.

We need a new approach.

This food pyramid, which I have taken straight from my Secret Guide to Smart Eating book, is the new approach needed. So let’s look at it in writing.

First of all, the foods that we should be eating the most comprise of vegetables first and foremost, followed by lentils, fruits and nuts.

Next group on the pyramid are the foods that we should be eating moderately. These are made up meat or meat alternatives just like fish, chicken, eggs to name three examples. Limit your red meat intake but you definitely should be getting some.

The foods that we should eat sparingly include dairy products like butter, milk and yoghurt and grains like pasta and rice.

I recommend once a day at most for people looking to lose body fat.

And I’m about to blow a big myth out of the water here.

You do not need dairy to provide you with calcium.

That is what the marketing from the nutrition and dairy organisations would like you to believe but you will get enough calcium from canned fish like salmon (eat the bones), nuts, fruits, vegetables (especially leafy greens), and dried beans.

The foods that should be at the top of the pyramid comprise the foods that we should only be eating as part of a cheat meal occasionally. These would include foods that are highly processed such as breads, sweets or fast foods.

Yes, I include breads in this bad group. That is how detrimental it is to achieving your ultimate fat loss results. Bread is processed. It does not grow in the ground, or on a vine or a tree like vegetables, nuts or fruits do. It is highly processed rubbish that is keeping you from burning your body fat.

I also do not include sugar, breakfast cereals, reduced fat spreads or margarine. These Trans Fat containing foods are causing your waist line to expand each and every single day.

Sugar does not have Trans Fat but it is a whole poison on its own.

There is enough natural sugar in fruits to sustain you without adding it to every coffee you drink or overdosing on processed, sugar soaked sweets or breakfast cereals.

Follow these tips and my new look pyramid and I guarantee you weight loss success.

Are you ready for that success?

Imagine how good it will feel to pull on your old skinny jeans again?

Or imagine how good it will be too see some stomach muscles starting to appear instead of that dreaded beer belly?

What do you think about my food pyramid ideas compared to the official ones? It’s definitely different.

But trust me, it works!


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