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Food, Food and MORE Food

Posted Dec 21 2008 8:45pm

Without sugar coating it, my weekend in Atlantic City was an eating fiasco. It all started with Kentucky Fried Chicken (and I’m talking original recipe fried chicken) and ended with a Cinnabon as the husband’s Birthday "Cake." In between there was a string of good/bad food choices…

After the crazy fried chicken lunch on Friday I decided a light dinner would be best. Actually, we skipped dinner and went for a light late night snack at the casinos noodle bar. I went with Kimchi (a light Korean cabbage dish) and a few bites of the husband’s noodles. I also consumed quite a few vodka and cranberries throughout out the evening. :)

Saturday (after a half hour at the hotel gym while the husband was sleeping) we went for a HUGE breakfast. I ordered an egg white omelet (no cheese) and it came with potatoes, and toast of course. The funny thing was I mentioned the cinnamon french toast to the waitress and she brought an order out for me to try! I didn’t even ask! So now in front of me was a HUGE omelet, an order of French toast, a fruit bowl, and fried potatoes. I ate most of it PLUS one of the husbands bacon slices. It was SO good and I haven’t had a breakfast that delicious in years (that someone else made for me anyway!) I forgot how good a breakfast out could be.

After that crazy breakfast I wasn’t hungry for hours! So the husband and I went for a light lunch. I did a little sushi but then caved in when the husband broke into his chips and chocolate bar. I didn’t gorge myself but I had a few nibbles here and there. Now that I think about it the husband was a really bad influence this weekend! LOL

Then it was time for the BIG dinner. The husband and I have a tradition of doing one night out at a different "fancy" restaurant each time we go to AC. We dress up (a little), go all out, try food outside of our comfort zones and just have an "adult" night. It’s REALLY fun. This time we had reservation at Red Square. We had NO idea what to expect. I started my meal with Tuna Tartar (SO GOOD) and I kept my tradition of trying something new by ordering a duck dish for dinner. It was really good but I don’t think I’d order it again. A little too fatty for me. :) We then split the most decadent chocolate cake, another tradition of ours. Dessert! The dinner also started me on a few more vodka drinks for the evening.

Needless to say that meal filled me for quite a while. We didn’t eat until almost noon the next day. I was planning on a nice light lunch before heading on the road. However the husband threw me a curve ball when he selected Carmine’s. It was HIS birthday after all. Carmine’s is a family style Italian place so I was at the mercy of sharing what ever the husband ordered (there was no way we were ordering 2 dishes) which was cheese ravioli and meatballs. To make it worse, on top of the heavy meal I ate more then my share of fresh bread dipped in olive oil.

The eating doesn’t stop there! On the way home we decided (well the husband decided) to stop for Cinnabons. I didn’t argue as it was his birthday "cake." I split one with the toddler. OK, that’s a lie. I offered to split mine with the toddler but he barely took a bite so of course I ate the whole thing.

Now I sit here feeling like a beached whale wondering why I made a few of the choices I did. HOWEVER, I have no regrets. It was a fun weekend. It’s OVER and tomorrow is a new day just waiting for me. I have gym plans first thing in the morning and I’m actually looking forward to my own home cooked meals!

Things I wish I didn’t do…

  • Choosing the fried chicken at KFC. It wasn’t even that good.
  • Eating ALL the potatoes and most of the French toast at my big breakfast. I definitely ate past the point of fullness.
  • Eating to much bread at the restaurants. Just empty calories I could have saved myself.
  • Finishing the Cinnabon, really, there is no need to do that. It’s too darn big.

Good choices I made…

  • I removed MOST of the skin on my fried chicken
  • Going with a light dish Friday night after my fried lunch
  • Going to the hotel gym!
  • Knowing that even though I went a bit overboard at my meals, I listen to my body in between
  • Choosing the egg white omelet at breakfast
  • ENJOYING myself :)

Now, I’m slightly concerned with getting right back on track with this crazy holiday week that is before us. I don’t even want to think about the baking and big family dinners that are going to be going on, YIKES! Just like this weekend, my goal is to be conscious, enjoy myself and make the best choices I can. Weekends away and holidays are going to happen. It’s called life and I’m living it the best I can!

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