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Food Challenge this Week!

Posted Jul 20 2009 11:53pm
A few of the Frenzy Friends are late with their weigh in numbers-seems like everyone is having a busy Monday-so I am going to postpone the Five Week Frenzy update until tomorrow morning. Since my 5 miles in 5 days challenge is over now I decided to pick up a new challenge. I decided that this week's challenge would be a food related one as opposed to last week's fitness related one. Here goes:

"I pledge to picture journal all of the food I eat this week right here!"
In eight months of having a blog and losing weight I have never done this but this is the week. I am determined to get to the bottom of my gain this week so if you see me eating something that looks crazy to you-feel free to shout out and say, "Hell no!" I will be posting points also and totalling them up at the end of the post. I tried it today and it was actually kind of fun. Here's today's eats...

This morning I started off with a cup of black coffee (0pts), a slice of melon (1 pt), a slice of wholewheat toast with a little spread (1 1/2pt) and an egg white (0pts). Perfect filling brekkie for a total of 2 1/2 pts.

Lunch was chicken taglitelle (5 1/2 pts) and a small apple (1/2 pt). Yummy lunch for 6 pts.

I had two afternoon snacks: A large banana for 2pts and a small bowl of low fat chips for 2pts.

Dinner was herb crusted chicken (5pts), mashed turnip (1/2 pt) and some oven baked thick cut potato fries (1 1/2pts). A dinner total of 7 pts.

Desert was a scrummy WW chocolate ice-cream for 1 1/2 pts.

That is a total of 21 points for the day, bang on where I should be! I thought picture food journalling could be a good tool for some of the Frenzy Friends-it might just get us closer to that goal of ours of 2lbs lost this week!

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