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Food Addiction and Lack of Inhibition

Posted Feb 16 2010 2:00am

All addictive substancesincluding foodwhen you’re addicted to itactivate the same brain circuitry in the dopaminergic system of the brain. You won’t be surprised to learn that addicting substances actually un-inhibit your brain’s chemistry.

So you can see that what’s going on inside is also going on outside. You are activating and re-activating the chemistry between youovereating, and staying overweight. You are not inhibiting your desire and your impulse to eat what will keep the weight on. Without these powers of inhibition you violate your resolve to keep dieting and lose the weight.

Right nowthere is nothing available medically that will give your brain’s chemistry back the power to inhibit. You will have to break your addiction the old fashioned way. This means making personal changes that move you in the direction of successful dietinggiving up overeatingand keeping the weight off for good.

For more information on just how to do thisgo to the right-hand column of the blog and click on “Find Your Issue”.

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