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Posted Aug 28 2009 8:21pm
Someone told me yesterday "Stay focused, you can do this."

I know it was said out loud as much as a reminder the person saying it as an encouragement for me. It really got me thinking about my focus. Or lack there of.

My desire to lose weight and get healthy has not wained for one single day this year. My focus to eat the right foods and make time to get my body moving just has not been there since April! To be honest I'm not sure I've been focusing on anything. I surely haven't been proactive, I feel like I've been living in reactive mode since my mother-in-law got sick.

I had a dream last night (once I actually fell asleep). I was in a Big Lots, where I kept running into people I work with. I kept trying to avoid running into them but every isle I went down there was someone new. When I was finally through the maze set up of this store I needed to use the restroom, only it was a co-ed facility with short stalls. I couldn't find a stall that didn't have men on each side and I felt trapped. When I was finally able to complete my business I couldn't find my shoes. As I frantically looked around in a pile of shoes for mine (in a bathroom, a pile of shoes???) my phone rang and I had to try and help someone solve a problem while continuing to try and find my shoes so I could leave this bad dream! It went on with some other outright weird happenings, but this is how my life feels right now.

I believe this is why I've been wishy washy about what I'm eating, why I haven't even weighed myself in a week (which is REALLY unlike me) and why I just have a general sense of unease. I also have the first day of school looming, which brings with it the last year of school for my eldest and the first year for my youngest; all sorts of mixed emotions flowing there!

I have a plan, which what I think I need, some structure to ground me!
  • Complete spring cleaning & purging / organizing of house
  • Prepare new household budget
  • Prepare chore charts for family
  • Prepare menu plan for 2+ weeks
  • Prepare workout schedule for 1 month at a time
What things do you do to keep yourself focused and grounded?

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