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Foam Roller Stretching Routine For After Your Workouts

Posted Jan 05 2011 5:30pm

My favourite piece of workout equipment in the world might surprise you. It’s not a kettlebell – although I am a massive fan.

I can always get a great workout just using my own bodyweight. In fact, these days I’m doing much more bodyweight training than using the weights.

The one thing I can’t do without however, is my foam roller .

I keep one in my lounge room so I can use in front of the TV and I keep another one in the car, to use with clients and also for when I train in parks around town.

The foam roller is like having a massage therapist on tap.

You can do it anywhere you have access to one and it gives your body a great relief, helping reduce some of your post exercise muscle soreness.

So what should you do on the foam roller? I made a short video showing you the best ways to use it.

Give these stretches a shot, your body will thank you for it!

The foam roller is also a must use for anyone who spends all day sitting at your desk (the back stretch is my favourite and is perfect for you if you fit this category).

The ITB stretch that is shown is a must for anyone who does a lot of running – either long distance or even sprints.

And if you get knee pain this will definitely help to relieve it.

I highly recommend that you grab a foam roller of your own to have at home.

The brand I recommend is the AOK foam roller .

If you go into shops like rebel you’ll find these selling for around $95 these days but I have organised a big discount where you can get it delivered to your door for about $20 less than what the shops will charge you.

Simply click on the picture below to go to the order page.

PhysioLongRoundBlue Foam Roller Stretching Routine For After Your Workouts

Buy A Foam Roller Today At Wholesale Prices

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