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Foam Roller Stretching Routine For After Your Workouts

Posted Feb 24 2010 2:37pm

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My favourite piece of workout equipment in the world might surprise you. It’s not a kettlebell – although I am a massive fan. I can always get a great workout just using my own bodyweight.

The one thing I can’t do without however, is my foam roller. I keep one in my lounge room so I can use in front of the TV and I keep 2 in the car, to use with clients and also for when I train in parks around town.

The foam roller is like having a massage therapist on tap. You can do it anywhere you have access to one and it gives your body a great relief, helping reduce some of your post exercise muscle soreness.

So what should you do on the foam roller? I found a great video on You Tube from Candace Stupek , a Personal Trainer and Fitness Model from one of my favourite places in the USA – Atlanta. Back in the day I used to work in the States and spent a lot of time with mates in the ATL. Candace actually has a cool blog with some good stuff on it that’s worth checking out too.

Candace runs through 3 of my favourite foam roller stretching exercises that are a must do.

Give them a shot, your body will thankyou for it!

The foam roller is a must use for anyone who spends all day sitting at your desk (the back stretch Candace showed you is perfect for you).

The ITB stretch that is shown is a must for anyone who does a lot of running – either long distance or even sprints.

The hamstring stretch is gold too.


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