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Fleas and ticks

Posted Sep 12 2008 9:31am 1 Comment
This year here in Hawaii fleas and ticks are a huge problem. As you may guess, we always have them. The mild weather keeps them alive year round. I remember when we lived in California we wouldn't have fleas during the winter because it was too cold. The fleas would hibernate or something, I don't know. But here in Hawaii they are a year round problem.

This year particularly seems to be really bad. I know a number of people who are really battling flea and tick infestation of their pets and yards. My boss had a flea bite on her the other day that was pretty ugly. Apparently she's pretty sensitive to them.

It seems the normal methods to control fleas has failed this year. It's like the fleas are immune to these treatments. So lots of people are trying all kinds of holistic things to control them.

I've been lucky and have managed to keep things under control. I hope this flea explosion ends soon.

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Yes, I live in Hawaii I have so many( dog) flea bites from all over my body.  I am going crazy scratching and also had tried so many medicine to relieve the itch, but none of them works.  I have scars and it stays permanently.  I had been dog sitting since February and finally told my daughter to take her dog back to her house, my carpet is infested so I have to wear long sleeve shirt and long pants with white sock over my pants.  I could see the fleas in my white socks.  I have bites every day or sometimes every other day or so.  It is very hot right now and I am here wearing long sleeves clothing.    What kind of medicine would help me relieve the itch as well as not develop a bumps and not scarring?  Any advice?  I appreciate it!  Thanks...
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