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Fitting It In…

Posted Jul 19 2013 10:06pm

I always talk about how it’s important to “fit it in.” To find ways to make your lifestyle (healthy eating and moving) part of your life… and make it “fit in.”

Sometimes “fitting it in” means allowing yourself to enjoy a pizza when the “Bigs” come over to play games. Or maybe it means enjoying a couple of glasses of wine with good friends on the patio of your favorite restaurant. It sometimes also means- getting up early to go for a bike ride before your day really gets going because it is the only time you have to do it. It could mean dragging your kids with you in the bike carrier and really working hard because you don’t have a sitter. Regardless of how you are “fitting it in” it will be very specific to you and your circumstances.

So why the heck am I talking about this? Because I am having a really difficult time fitting it in! I work from home which really does afford me quite a bit of flexibility- yet I feel more tied to my desk and computer than I did when I was working full time from an office.

My knee is just not ever going to be 100% and it doesn’t hurt when I don’t run. So I haven’t been running. Which depresses me… and then I don’t even bike because A- I don’t feel like I can take the time to get out and B- I am stomping my feet and pouting that I cannot run- which is the form of exercise I love most- besides biking.

Good times! <sigh> Then- I am really good at the “indulge myself occasionally” part of fitting it in… and not that good at the discipline part. I was sooo good at that for such a nice long time in there- where has it gone?

Well the good thing is- My Guy and I decided to really do a few things that will free up our evenings to ride our bikes or walk or do things together. This will help us both feel less stressed, because we are doing these things we KNOW we WANT to fit in, but haven’t. It will also help us feel better about our fitness and lifestyle goals so we don’t add stress to ourselves over that.

It’s a small step- but it’s a step. All of life is a journey and loosing weight and keeping it off is a heck of a thing to be living through and with. I am so grateful that it is a journey my husband understands and is working through as well- so we can relate with each other and share goals in this area!

How are you doing with your goals? Are they weight loss goals? Are they maintenance goals? How are you doing?

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