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Fitting in 30 minutes of exercise daily: The 3-minute an Hour Rule

Posted by Swati S.

This is a good rule to follow for those who just cannot seem to get the time to exercise. Here is what you need to do. Once an hour, just get up and hop, skip, or jump – just do whatever you want as long as you keep moving for those 3 minutes.

And here is how it all adds up – if you do it for 10 hours each day, it adds up to 30 minutes of exercise in a day – and this is pretty good because it takes you from no exercise to at least 30 minutes. Try It!

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This is a fantastic idea, especially for people who work in an office and sit in a desk all day. I will pass it on, thank you!
...I have to ask, isn't it better to work out a consistent 30 minutes so you can develop endurance? I'm all for finding ways to encourage normally sedentary people to exercise...but I can't believe that this is the "equivalent" of a straight 30 minute workout that really pumps your heart and works your muscles.
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