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Fitness Testing as Motivation

Posted by Kim N.

We all know it's difficult to stick to an exercise routine. Things come up, or we let them come up, and our exercise gets pushed to the side. A technique I try to use to motivate my clients and classes, is to do fitness testing every 6 weeks. If you're on your own, schedule some time to do fitness testing. Try and do it soon, and then schedule your re-testing in another 6 weeks. That will give you 6 weeks to develop yourself cardiovascular and strength-wise. If you think 6 weeks is too way off and it won't motivate you because you think you can still put your routine off, make it 4 weeks. I just like to use 6 weeks normally, because it allows more time to see improvements. Here are the tests I use with my clients and classes on a 6 week basis: timed mile run (cardiovascular health), push-ups in a minute (upper body strength/endurance), wall sit (lower body strength/endurance), crunches in a minute (abdominal strength/endurance), front plank hold (abdominal isometric strength), body girth measurements (body-fat), sit and reach test (hamstring, glute, lower back flexibility), and resting heart rate (cardiovascular health). First, decide where you want to improve and then choose the appropriate tests. For example, if you're a healthy weight and just exercising to stay in cardiovascular health, I would suggest doing the resting heart rate and mile time tests.
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