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Fitness Test (Pre Bootcamp) #BestBodyBootcamp

Posted Jan 06 2013 12:00am

My second round of Best Body Bootcamp begins tomorrow! I’m excited to get back into exercising again…errr… aren’t I? YES! Winking smile

This round, Tina suggested we take a fitness test before Bootcamp begins, we will take another one half way through and another at the end.

Here are the results of my pre-Bootcamp fitness test. They’re kind of pitiful after not exercising…basically since the last round ended!

Low body wall squat (hold as long as possible)- 1:02

Push ups- on toes (as many in 1 minute): 19- keep in mind I can’t do FULL push ups, but doing halves is more of a challenge than doing them on my knees, so I went with that.

Plank hold- on toes (hold as long as possible): 22 seconds

Burpees (as many in 1 minute): 16

Cardiovascular fitness test- at a pace faster than normal- my comfortable pace is 5 mph. (6 mph run as long as possible): 2:30 (.25 mile)

Thoughts on current results:

I sort of felt like my head wasn’t in the game tonight. I think that will improve as I start to work out and develop my determination and confidence again. I need to have more determination to make myself keep going. I think I really could have run longer than 2:30. I was tired, for sure, but I think I could have pushed myself further.

I hope to see improvements in all areas! Most especially, I’d love to be able to run an entire mile at 6 mph!

Wish me luck tomorrow, as I begin my 2nd round of the 8 week Bootcamp!

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