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Fitness Friday er, um… Saturday

Posted Mar 06 2010 12:00am

Sorry this post is a day late, as I said in my last post, this week has been nuts, and this is the first time I’ve had to write my fitness update.

This week I put my RLR training on hold, because I just wanted to get back into doing things I really love.  While I have enjoyed the jog/walk interval training, it’s not my first love, in terms of fitness, so I decided to focus on the things that I find really fun.  If the weather had been better, this would have included bike riding, but that’ll have to wait until springtime.

I’m happy to report that I worked out for 45 minutes each and every day, except Tuesday.  It was a draining day at work, and I just needed a break from everything, so I gave myself a pass and called it a rest day.

I’ve been loving the Wii Fit Plus, as I mentioned in this post , and I’ve been doing it everyday.  It’s so fun to see how much better I can get at each of the exercises.  Plus, I like seeing how my weight and BMI change from day to day, depending on the hour of day and/or what I’ve eaten.

This week I also tried out the Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start DVD .  At $7.99 on, it’s a great deal.  It offers quick 10-minute sessions where you work on cardio, abs/core, upper body, lower body, and cardio w/ resistance. If you select the 30-Day Workout Program, they spell out the workouts for you:

Even though you’re only working out for 10 minutes, they sure make those 10 minutes count!  I felt every one of them.  :)   I was surprised that I had to modify the cardio to the “beginner” moves, because I like to think of myself as more advanced than that, but no matter what level you’re doing when you follow the DVD, you’re definitely going to feel the benefits the next day with sore muscles.  I love that feeling.

Each day, I combined the 10-minute session with Wii Fit Plus for 35 minutes, equaling 45 minutes, total. I haven’t felt all-over body soreness like that in a long time, and it was awesome.  It truly made me feel like I was doing something great.

So, all in all, this week’s workouts were really satisfying, and they left me with a sense of accomplishment.

Looking into the week ahead, I’m going to be traveling for business, and although the hotel that I’m staying in does have a fitness room, I’m not sure how much energy I’ll have left after working the 14- to 16-hour days that this assignment requires.  I’m going to bring my workout clothes with me, and I intend to get up early and go to their fitness room, but I’m not going to be too disappointed in myself if I simply can’t do it.  This is going to be an odd week, and my first priority is to do my best job and just get through it.  Anything else I’m able to do in terms of working out is going to be a bonus.

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