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Fit City: Chicago

Posted Nov 02 2009 10:02pm

So, I’m sad to see October go, but I have to say, the last couple days of it were great. Saturday afternoon I hit the road with my friend Jacki for our road trip to Chicago. The drive is about five hours, but it went quickly (the lunch break at Panera Bread helped)!!

When I got into town, I headed to my friend Heather’s, and we grabbed dinner from a little restaurant near her house called Mista. I ordered the Mista salad, which had green apple, dried cherries, macadamia nuts, low-fat feta, chicken, and their amazing homemade dressing! I also had their roasted veggie soup, which was really unique (there’s cabbage in it).

So yummy! The chicken made the salad heartier than it looks, so I felt OK eating it before drinking.

After that, it was time to go out! I put on the sushi costume again, and went out with my friend from college, Lauren, along with her roommates. She was dressed as a very cute hippie.

We went out with all her friends to two bars and had such a good time! It was a total girls’ night, which was so nice. (I mean I tried to seal the deal with a guy dressed like Marty McFly, but whatever.) I actually only had a couple drinks because I know my tolerance is currently low, and I knew a bad hangover would be a disaster for me. Afterward we stopped for pizza, but I was sticking with my healthy travel plans and just had a bite of Lauren’s. I wasn’t hungry, and I knew going to bed on a stomach full of cheese and carbs would make me feel awful. I’m so glad I was able to avoid the pizza! I woke up feeling tired — mostly due to the time change along with a new time zone – but not hungover, and not so tired and bloated that I just wanted to eat carbs and sleep.

Lauren and her roomates love healthy cooking, so they actually made an amazing brunch at home! It was healthy and so good! I had the homemade egg caserole on half a bagel with some fruit, and a few bites of the Hungry Girl cinnamon rolls (yummy, but sweets at breakfast aren’t for me).

It was just as good as satisfying as diner food but I didn’t feel like I was full of grease after we ate!

Which was good, because I knew I had to run. It was not negotiable. I wasn’t too tired or hungover; I just would have loved to stay in sweats all day. But I gave myself some good lounge time, and then I threw on the gear. I was hoping to do four miles, but I knew three might be the best I could do. I ended up doing five! I wasn’t that tired, and it felt really good. Plus, running in a new city made for a very entertaining, nice run. By the end, I felt really, really good! It felt really good to do my first run on my trip.

I took a shower and got ready to go see my best friend Beth’s play “Days to Come” at The Artistic Home. Before the show Jacki and I had lunch with her boyfriend at a total hole-in-the wall Mexican place right by the theater. Luckily, Mexican can be pretty healthy. I had a burrito bowl without cheese, but with black beans, rice, corn, fajita veggies, salsa, and a little guac.

I love Mexican places where you can put together something like this! It’s just so nice to eat fresher foods! Oh and I also avoided the tortilla chips — I don’t think I’ve done that in ages!

Later in the night, in the interest of time and money, we ended up just hitting the grocery store to put together dinner, and I made healthy oatmeal, which was really perfect. Warm and creamy carbs are never a bad idea after a weekend like this!

I really think it was easier to be healthy because I started the day with a healthy breakfast and a run. I realized I was in control, even though I was traveling.

We’re driving home today, and I’m so glad I was able to survive my first big drinking-away-from-home-weekend eating healthy and managing to run! I think this bodes really well for the next two weeks!

The only thing is, I’m having McDonald’s on the way home today. I’m going to order something totally satisfying, but still within normal portions: a hamburger Happy Meal. I eat McDonald’s, like, once a year, and only ever on road trips…so obviously my day this year has come! My kinda-healthy rule is that I have to eat an apple first, and there will be no ice cream added the order. Deal, self.

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