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Fish Heads, Fish Heads, Roly Poly Fish Heads...

Posted Sep 28 2009 10:33pm heads, fish heads, eat them up, yum!

That song kept going through my mind last Wednesday, when I broke down and swallowed a fish oil capsule. I was very leery of trying one, because the last time I did, I burped fish all day long...and as I loathe, abhor and detest fish, it was a miserable day!!! However, since I have gone all "healthy" and such, and seeing as I don't eat seafood, I know that Omega-3's are sorely lacking in my diet. The small amounts of walnuts, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower that I eat aren't enough to make up for the seafood that I don't eat.

So when Linda told me the other day that she found a fish oil capsule that didn't make you burp, I was curious enough to try one of hers. I am happy and also surprised to report that I wouldn't have known the capsule was fish oil...there were no fishy burps! These were GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil soft gels - and I definitely will be purchasing a bottle of them come October 1st, when my bank account is magically replenished. (OK, it's not magically replenished, but with direct deposit, it's fun to wake up on the first of each month and find money there. What can I say - it takes very little to entertain me!)

I've also run out of my second big (think Sam's Club size) bottle of women's One-A-Day vitamins. I started taking them in May of 2008 when I began my diet, and I can't believe that I've actually kept up with taking them. Every day - even on the weekends! Now that's when you know a habit has formed, lol!

And now, what with this turning out to be such a health-centric post, I thought I'd leave you with a photo of the big bowl of candy that I ate for my afternoon snack:

This was so sweet - my first bite told me I was eating candy, no joke! So I have officially renamed this melon "candyloupe" - eat it up, yum!
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