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First Weigh in!!!.....sob

Posted Jan 03 2011 8:20pm
Hi muffins!!

I am writing to you in a perpetual daze because I am so sleep deprived.  The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 2am....and then I was up at 7....omg, I hate days like these.  I had decided that mostly due to the exhaustion I would walk to school today and get my 30 mins in that way.  However, the hubby would have to drop off all my books and lunch as it was too much to carry and he was in a rush...booo!!!  Instead I have my mini trampoline set up and I'm gonna 'bounce a move' during that new weight loss show...Village on a Diet. I thought about skipping exercise tonight, but again...guilt is a great motivator!

Tonight was my first visit back to WW...a re-start so to speak.  It was bloody packed as predicted so I arrived way early...sure it was embarrassing seeing all the old faces, but whatever, I got over it.  My new starting weight is bad...I'm so ashamed...sob, but I'm gonna tell you anyway...accountability and all that. So yah...its 176.2...ewwww...its a bit higher than the real weight due to a nightly weigh-in...blah, blah..but still horrendous!    I CANNOT stand being here.  Anyway its kinda sucky.....just over 20 pounds higher than my wedding...I was 153 then..  Remember I vowed never to see those numbers again...sigh.  I guess I could have a little crying fit, but its probably more productive to with it, fix it, move on.  I try to look at the brighter side of least its not more....and hey at least I'm stopping it now. I feel great, I've tracked now for 6 days which I know doesn't seem like much, but when you've not tracked for like 5 months its huge! I have my little tantrums with WW...I think the price you pay for everything isn't cheap and the customer service is not the greatest, but when it comes down to really works, and the meetings motivate me so much! I just gotta keep it up!

I think I am going to re-do my side-bar the way I used to back in the day with my new pics since I feel like I'm kinda starting over again.  I gotta be about to look about myself just the way I am now and think...hey you're ok...but you can be even better! Without further is my new start! Watch for my weekly weigh-in pics at the side bar.

I also have further motivation as a small group of teachers at school are having a Biggest Loser Challenge.  It costs $75 and the winner takes all. It starts today and goes until March Break!! I feel bad for them having to just give their money away like that....muahahhaha....yah thats right...I'm gonna win!  Just watch and see!

Ok peeps...gotta get to work!! See ya later!
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