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First Week Of The Challenge

Posted Apr 20 2010 7:32am
Well everyone is doing a great job with the challenge. I'm going to leave things open for people that haven't gotten their numbers into me yet to still do so by the end of today. I am not the best with organizational skills lol so it's possible too that I could have missed someones numbers. I'm going to list here what I have so far. I did get some msgs and emails from people about pedometer troubles. I'm sorry any of you had to go through that. My TOPS group has struggled with that too with the cheap pedometers. I think a small investment into a good one isn't a bad idea for any that really want to do this long term.

Well onto what I have so far:

skinnyhollie - Hollie had pedometer trouble but wants to do a non-official personal minutes challenge so I will post her improvements weekly so she can stay motivated (hear that Hollie *smile*). 4 days and 130 mins total of walking this week. Way to go Hollie.

spunkysuzi - 10924 average steps this week. Can't wait to see more walking pictures, you're so good with the camera. Loved the picture of you yesterday. Great job Suzi.

Sandra - 10823 average steps this week. Wow on those 18607 steps on Sunday you are putting me to shame. All your exercise sounds amazing too, you are really doing a lot. As for the food I still struggle with it too, for me it's all about my mindset. Great job Sandra.

Blue - 5021 average steps this week. Way to go Blue. I'm so proud of you, you're doing terrific. I know how tough starting to walk is I definitely remember those days. I loved your pictures this week. Hope the blisters are better today. I use to do the Leslie Sansone tapes all the time, love them. Keep up the great work.

F. Mcbutter Pants - Ok woman, out of the funk. I'm missing ya Dana. I've been in a bit of a funk myself lately. We need each other to get out of it you know. Did you wear your pedometer for the week? Sounds like you've been getting plenty of walking in. Give me an update ok? *hugs*

Katie - Katie how are you? Reading your blog sounds like you've been very busy. Looks like a great weekend you had too. Are you still in the challenge? Hope so.

Gofer - 5152 average steps this week. I so get about the office job and not walking much, I'm lucky to average 1500 from 8-4pm every work day. But it looks like you're moving more like me and we will definitely improve our numbers over the next 8 weeks, I'm sure of it. Way to go on the 3 lbs down too and starting back up your blog. I am reading, loved your post about running with your dog yesterday.

Shane - 8912 average steps this week. Glad you had a great workout last night (me too). It always helps with the funk feeling. You're looking great, wow 4+ inches off the waist that's terrific. You should be really proud of yourself. Hope back to work is going ok. Here's to a great week for both of us. Great job on the steps too.

Losing200toLive - Trina I'm sorry you're going through so much lately but I'm here for you if you need me. Your post today sounded more hopeful. Hang in there things will get better. *big big hugs*

MaryFran - 6360 average steps this week. You and I are right about the same with our average steps. Hopefully this challenge is going to help us both with the blahs. Hang in there I think you are doing just fine. Way to go on the nice weight loss too, 89 lbs gone is terrific. I'm so proud of you.

Wright Family Fun - Not sure I have the right blog link for ya. Love the pics of your little one though, adorable. Are you still in the challenge?

Wendy - Wendy how are you doing? Haven't heard from you this week and have no way to contact ya. Hope you're ok. Check in ok?

Single Sassy and Saved - 14375 average steps this week. Wow, HerBrina that's a lot of steps this week, terrific. I'm looking forward to seeing what that number looks like in 7 more weeks *smile*. I definitely can see the difference in your pictures too, great job. Oh and that fish looked extra yummy this week.

The TOPS Lady - 7998 average steps this week. Amy, loved the picture of you on Friday. Sorry to hear you and your family are sick, hope you're feeling better today. Great job on the steps this week.

Dutch - 6697 average steps this week. Wow, on those 6 lbs gone, you are doing terrific. Sorry to hear you've been feeling sick lately hope you figure out what's going on. Exercise always makes me feel better.

Lainey - Sorry I had your link wrong last week. Sorry your leg is hurting and that the kittie had to go to the vets. Hang in there things will get better. I think its about thinking good thoughts too. Taking a road trip sounds like a cool idea maybe it's just what you need. So did you get a pedometer? If not maybe you could do like Hollie is and just count minutes of walking. At least it would give you something to do.

The Fifth Sparrow
-How's the walking going ? I hope well. Glad you're feeling good about the walking. If you post your minutes walked this week I can put them up here so you can try to beat your number next week. It won't be in the official challenge but I think you might like having it in print and something to shoot for. Good to have you back too, I've missed ya.

Steph - Hi Steph, how did the week go for you? From your Sunday post on your blog I get 10563 for your average steps this week. Is that correct? Way to go on all that walking you are doing terrific. Hope weigh-in went ok yesterday. You are doing great don't worry about the scale as much as just feeling better (talking to myself here too).

Me - 6318 average steps for the week. I know I can do better this week and I'm already working on it. I think my number was so low because I was home a few days too and just less active. I'm looking forward to a good week this week.

If I got anything wrong or didn't post something please let me know and I will fix it. I hope this is helping to challenge everyone I know it is me. I find myself walking extra just to add to my step count.

Yesterday was a really crazy day for me. Work went fine but when I got home with the kids Kevin wasn't home. He's not in lacrosse anymore (got cut from the team for saying F you to his coach a few weeks ago). I feel like he's been doing a lot better with everything and I thought he was communicating more with us.

Saturday was his senior prom and him and his new girlfriend looked so nice. I feel like she's a good thing for him and lets him be himself. Anyway, yesterday he wasn't home when I got there. He is to tell us when he's taking the van so we know where he is. So I call his cell phone and ask where he is. He hesitates a minute and then says "I'm signing up for the Marines". Well I can't say I was floored by this but it was a bit of a surprise. I told him we would talk when he got home.

So after he got home I just calmly told him I was disappointed he didn't feel he could talk to me about this before he went and did it. That it hurt me to be his parent for 7 yrs and him not be able to sit down and tell me what he wants for his life. I told him I would always love him and would support him in his decisions even if I didn't always agree with them. But it really did hurt me.

After our talk I was full of anxiety. The thought of him possibly going to war scares me to death. I hoped he would go to college, get a good job, have a family and live a good life. Now it's all uncertain and it makes me scared. But it is his life and I think Kevin has it in him to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. I just hope this is really what he wants. I really don't think he's thought it through. I think he's 18 and just wants to be on his own. But joining the Marines surely isn't being on your own. But it is done and we will just move forward. I don't know when he leaves for boot camp, he doesn't either. Guess we will make the best of the time we have till then.

I felt like I just needed to escape after that news. I had plans to go to the gym anyway so I told Mike he was on his own for the rest of the science project stuff (I had done my part on Sunday) and I headed out. I did my 10 min warm-up on the treadmill then did 60 mins of weight training then I got back on the treadmill and did 15 mins walking on a big incline like I usually do.

Then I got thinking about Seth's running guide for the overweight runner post I had read yesterday. Seth is new to me but not new to bettering himself and his health. His running post really hit a cord with me and got me feeling like I wanted to try to learn to run again. You know I've been trying to run forever it seems but just never seemed able to make it happen between my bad knees and stomach issues. What I read in Seth's post though brought it all together.

His steps were:

Be Disciplined-I think this was what kept going through my mind the most as I started running on the treadmill last night. "Focus your mind. There are times when my mind tells me to quit because my body can't handle it. I push and my body handles it. The mind can be persuaded. Set your mind and control your actions. Let everything you do with purpose." Those words he wrote really sank in for me.

It's ok to be slow- This was a huge one for me too. I've just naturally thought as I've lost weight I should be able to run faster. But I set the treadmill on 4.2 and just kept putting one foot in front of the other. I kept thinking for some 4.2 is just a fast walk but for me it was a slow steady jog.

Get a good pair of running shoes - Check

Map out your route - Since I was on the treadmill no need for this one. But it was about setting a goal for how far or long I would go. For me, I didn't even know I was going to try so it was just about continuing to go. I really didn't know how far I would get but it seemed the minutes kept going by.

Accountability and Pace yourself - I put these two together because that's how it went for me last night. I decided to run when I saw a fellow gym guy come in for his usual run. I have seen him countless times before (well over a year) and so when he took a spot a treadmill over from me I made the decision right then to try to run as long as he did. I had 2 songs on my ipod that seemed to be in perfect pace with me and I just kept playing them over and over.

Enjoy yourself - I can't say I totally enjoyed my run last night but I did feel determined. I really still had no goal except to keep running in pace with the guy to my left. It turned out after 20 mins he stopped running. If you can believe it I actually turned to him and smiled and said "hey you're stopping?" lol. I told him in huffed out words that this was the longest I had ever run and that I was hoping to go for 30 mins. He smiled and said "then why stop now" so you know I didn't. He went off to the weights area and I kept on running. As it got closer to 30 mins my smile just got bigger and bigger. When I hit that 30 mins I swear I almost threw my arms in the air like Rocky lol. I just couldn't stop smiling. When the guy came past I gave him the thumbs up and he smiled.

So I guess I am a runner. I might be slow but I know it's in me to do it now. So thank you Seth for that great post it meant a lot to me.

When I got home I told the family and Kevin said "so are we ready for that 5k then aunt Dawn" lol. I said he would probably be able to walk next to me but yea maybe I was lol.

After that my evening sort of went to heck lol but I'm smiling today so that's a good sign. Mike informed me that our printer wouldn't work at all. Can it really be possible that on the night you HAVE to have 2 science projects done your printer stops working? Well in my life of course it is lol. So instead of Mike going to get a new printer while I was gone he sat there. So at almost 11pm we headed to walmart got a new printer and came home. By 1am we still didn't have the new printer working and Mike was in meltdown mode. So we decided to just write notes to the teachers and the kids will have to take lower grades I guess.

I've now successfully printed out both projects here at work and tonight we will put them on the poster board. What fun huh? lol

Today I will confess everything hurts lol but I'm still happy.

Till tomorrow...
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