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FIRST POST ON OUR "virtual" ladies challenge.....

Posted Mar 06 2009 2:54pm
Hey guys!! Hope you are all doing good. I am doing fannnnnnnnntastico! Not sure if its the spring like weather in the air...or if its the whole change of this blog..or what..but not complaining! All I know is that I have this inner energy all of a sudden that I want to kick some you know what!

Well, let me start off by saying that I know I mentioned to you all 'bout something coming up that I am working on that might be great for ALL of us...but
"that something" might have to be put on hold for now unfortunately. It is going to take a little more time in planning then what I had expected/thought. Fingers crossed, I hope that it all works out, but I will keep you posted!

In the meantime.....Next best thing I promised you all was some sort of support group thing, so here goes...

Are we ALL ready to start this virtual support group/challenge?

I know I am!...Summer is soon approaching and I am looking forward to some beach time, wearing shorts..nice lunches on patios/get togethers with friends, and just a time when all of us will be or should be enjoying the outdoors(summers are so damn short in CANADA) so we need to make the best out of them.

I hope to have all my lady friends/or men join in ALONG with me, to do this together from here on in. Its all your choice. No pressure. If you want to join in, love if you do..if can sit back and watch as I do it(I know myself I am used to that anyways being the guinea pig)smiles

So I figured first thing first...rules ...

*It is important to always set small goals.(I have always have stated this)

During our challenge OUR so called "small goal" that will be continuously repetative throughout will be..

- To get through 6 consecutive days each and every week, without cheating.
During these certain days you will concentrate on eating more whole foods, lean meats, fruits, veggies, salads...HEALTHY STUFF...thats right HEALTHY STUFF. We will pretend that the other BAD stuff we eat just does not exist and we will take them right off of our food choices for the time being. Look at this as a project. NEVERMIND the term "Diet"...we together want to witness how our own bodies can change by making these newer "healthier"choices. Our bodies will THANK US LATER. Give your body the respect it deserves by feeding it'll really be doing the body good. Believe me. Makes a BIG difference in the end.

Again this is a great small weekly goal for us to work on...during this time we will only allow ourselves to eat whole foods,nothing processed, nothing fried...just fruits, low fat meats..veggies..salads..etc...lower carbs.

Also throughout this period(6 days)it is important that we have to concentrate on giving it our all!! Try to get in at least 3 days a week at the gym to start (or at least slowly work up to that)by doing some sort of cardio workout (or if not the gym, something for at least minimum of 30 minutes per day at home or outdoors). Anything that gets you MOVING and BREATHING..even a good major cleaning session at home, whatever, I don't really long as you are moving!! Start slow if you have to, just START!

NEXT a more LONG TERM GOAL As you can see on the upper right hand side of this blog...I have put there a countdown to our next big occasion coming up...THATS RIGHT>>>>>>EASTER < < < < < < < < <
we are just 36 days away from hitting that day. Tommorow will be 35 and it will keep getting lower and lower.

Who doesnt love the easter bunny eh?? I know I love him so much that my kids better be careful cause I will eat all their chocolate treats before they can even say "BUNNY" I tell ya!

In the past I found it was always nice to work towards special occasions. At least I thought so when doing my own year long transformation project. I always visualized me there already. And I always focused on the fact that with each passing day I was that much closer to reaching that "special marked day". I would concentrate on just the promise I made to myself giving each day my very best, nothing less then that.

Each minute, each hour, each workout. I never allowed myself to look too far ahead.
If you can aim your focus more on "the current day" giving it all you got,with just a mere thought in the back of your mind of that "special occasion" coming up that you are working yourself towards, helps alot!!

So believe me, every month if it wasnt a calender event, it would be someones' birthday, wedding..I really didnt care I might not have even known the actual person for that matter regarding celebrating lol, but who the hell cares...if it helped me focus on a date to get to...all the power to me. ;-)

Anyways so most months there is always something that you can always set as a this time for me and perhaps for you it may as well be Easter!

Hey... after all, a YEAR CAN SEEM LIKE A LIFETIME if you don't do stuff like that!So when reaching for goals...its important to take one step at a goal at a day at a time, one MONTH at a time before getting to your end goal..whatever that might be. PATIENCE is the most IMPORTANT ASPECT in transforming that I HAD TO LEARN IN THE BEGINNING.Nothing comes overnight. Nothing is just given to you. But, with little changes that we make..they do become the very stepping stones to reaching our goals. We can all have healthier bodies, we can all get big and strong if we want to, we can all choose to eat healthier, we all have the CHOICE and the RIGHT to do what we want. But, bottom line bad do you want it? Do you really want to be healthier?

(2) As far as food the only thing "presently" to get me/us started that I can think of following myself (because I am not a nutritionist) is that to follow a weight watchers guide...EXCEPT...I am going to make my diets with more whole foods. I know on their diet what they call "point" system, they do give you the right to "choose" your own foods and make your own choices and this could even be chocolate or whatever other garbage you want. But not me..and hopefully not you. WE ARE GETTING OUR "REWARD DAY" ANYWAYS by the 7th who cares. We dont need that stuff throughout the actual week! We have to learn anyways how NOT to take advantage of those sort of foods. They shouldnt be really part of our everyday foods..they should be more "occasional" foods on occasional days..but who am I kidding from my chunkier butt that I have been sporting lately..but its all good...CHOCOLATE KILLS ME TOO FRIENDS>>>>>>>LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT < < < < < < <

*def no chocolate
JUST PLAIN OL' GOOD WHOLESOME REAL doesnt that sound awsome??hehe
6 days straight..7th day whatever.

Its going to be tough at first...but remember something....with weight watchers..they allow for us to have a cheat we all do good throughout the week...our cheat day will always be SUNDAYS or whatever day you would rather make it...that sounds fair doesnt it? We can do 6 days straight cant we? and on the 7th day..its time to party..or drink or eat or whatever. We have to live too.

Let me be honest with you..I went strict as most of you know for that whole year basically. Only on RARE occasions did I even eat chocolate and candy and bad stuff...and you know the end..I was left feeling lost. Sometimes I still do. That was the only life I knew. No one told me how to "maintain" in the end, tips..nothing really. I was left basically standing there saying..."ok, what next" nobody was around to guide me. I felt so lost, some times so alone..some days I still do. But, in the end, you are the only one who cares about you. You cannot rely on others in life, something I finally figured out the hard way, sometimes those who you feel are closest to you..really arent. Sad but true.

First of all, the fact that I did what i did in just 12 months, shocking myself by actually reaching that goal. Living a whole new life for the first time ever. I was big all my life friends..ALL MY LIFE. I had never EVER been able to get to where I was or even where I am today. Imagine the changes someone like myself goes through in such a short period of time.Not only physically, but mentally. And then in the end I felt as though I was put in the middle of no where, looking around and alone...

Believe me... if we can manage to stay on track for 6 days..having a cheat on the 7th day really should not harm us as far as weight, and we need that for our sanity, at least I know I do!!

* IMPORTANT. START DRINKING YOUR WATER!!! This too gets easier as we go along. Water is so great for the skin..helps us hydrate and so many other things regarding our bodies. And if you concentrate on water being one of your drinks of choice from now will get used to it. Try and get in as much in as you can. Start off again slow and work your way up. At least 8 glasses a day I would aim for. This is easier when you split them up...this is how I would do it for example.

2 glasses of water during breakfast
glass of water mid morning
2 glasses of water at lunch time
glass of water mid afternoon
2 glasses of water at dinner
= 8 glasses down no problem.!
Let's concentrate on getting through 6 days straight..and this will start on Monday.

So i think thats basically the run down for now. Man this is going to be a long blog. But i had to explain some things. Tommorow I am going to post my first diet that i will start on Monday. This is something you guys can also follow if you wish..but please remember I am not a doctor nor am I a nutritionist..I am just basically writing down an example of a diet that I will be doing..up to you if you want to do it..hoping I dont get sued;)(I have no money anyways)

But I will play by the rules..incorporating all food ..get your pens/pencils ready time to go shopping. look for that tommorow!

Each monday I will have the diet changed to give us variety..god help me. Man the stuff I do for you guys!:0
Lots of work ahead of me. any questions leave me a post I will reply.Anything I forgot leave me a post to remind me. Want to tell me off..leave me a post too...whatever..just feel free to write me whenever you want. Im all ears..or shall I say eyes;-)))

Thanks friends..see you back tommorow with my meal plan for MONDAY!! Lets do this...time is ticking.TIC TOC TIC TOC...summertime is on its way folks...itsa comin!

Ok thats I have been writing for a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time tonight with all these pointers..need a break...hopefully this helps you back tommorow with my "so called" diet....:)
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