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First meeting and weigh in using weightwatchers with Visalus...

Posted Oct 12 2011 12:14pm
So this morning was my scheduled "parent and tot" meeting that I planned ahead to attend with weightwatchers! I was pretty excited to go actually. I have been so curious about these so called "support group meetings" that they always talk so highly about and what they basically touch on.

So I had my Vi shake this morning..along with half a fruit (big orange so half does the trick) and got the kids off on the bus and was all set to go! I want you all to remember something. I just JOINED weightwatchers on Saturday. And also remember that i just didn't really start watching again until literally yesterday morning. Remember I told you all about that 7lb weight gain over the course of the week that showed up on the scale just yesterday morning.
Well here is the thing.
I decided to also do my weigh in today because this weekend I have the Tommy Europe boot camp I am doing along with Sunday I have my sons baptism. So even though I have only really went back to watching since yesterday, I wanted to get a weigh in IN there for this week. I knew i would either show no loss..or a slight one if that  cause like I said I have only been watching since yesterday morning. So got on the scale and guess what...I lost 2 and a half lbs in just 24 hours...LOL

Reason why I am telling you all this is because this is again showing you to not NOT take the scale so seriously!!!! Weigh yourself once a week and that is good enough. How is it that I was just 7lbs higher yesterday morning and now have dropped 2 and a half lbs. I will tell you how...all those starchy foods I ate,,sweets etc..they were just sitting in my stomach basically.the whole change up going from one way of eating to another, and I am sure I was holding onto alot of water..that's exactly how! This is why I call it a false reading. Anyways..just wanted to share that with you all another example that when you see a weight gain or a (0) loss even...don't freak out...continue on doing what your doing as far as good habits....and it will all balance off in the end! OK ...good:)

So, the next weigh in I will have will be next Wednesday with them (which will give me a good week at least for a really good reading not 24 hours) I am hoping to get my first 5lb  loss star that they talk about (so will have to lose another 2.5 lbs in one week which i am pretty confident I can do). But whenever I do I will make sure to take a pic of it and put up on my blog for you all representing all of us! Let the fun begin! I am so competitive sometimes when it concerns different things...and this I am sure will be one of them! But this is something I actually LOVE about weightwatchers...that they give out little things to reward you, which makes people feel GREAT...AWESOME...CONFIDENT that they can continue on!! Love this aspect of the meetings!! Would be nice if they would give out exercise equipment but I suppose that's a little over the top :)

Now the meeting was interesting. I sat there amongst some other women, no one knowing my own personal story or what i had done or been through in the one even knowing that I am taking Visalus right now to help me with my hunger and balancing me that i just cannot live without. I just wanted to sit there, listen, and take in what their meeting are all about. At one point the "leader" i guess they call her asked..what do you store in your pantry to keep you on track and good to keep
I soooo wanted to put up my hand and scream out..VISALUS!!!! But I was good..kept it to myself and just smiled at the thought of actually doing that!hehe
I can be such a funny person and someone who loves to joke around and be friendly with everyone...where she on the other hand did smile alot and was friendly...but not as loud and motivating as I can sometimes be.

But going back one thing I happen to take notice when looking around waiting for the meeting to start before hand...that not many in the room actually looked THAT much overweight. Where are all the fatter people :-D
No offence, but what I mean by that is today there were maybe 15 women there I am guessing...and they all looked either like they were just maintaining...or....had perhaps 40 lbs to lose. I just mentally expected to see alot more HEAVIER women/men.

There was 1 lady who definitely had more to lose (should have snuggled up to her)..but that was it. There were a few older ladies there, the rest were half descent I would say (at least to myself when looking at them). So this surprised me actually. Where are all the heavier ones at? Was it just myself with this mental thought that EVERYONE who goes to WEIGHTWATCHERS must be really overweight or OBESE?

The truth is friends, that it doesn't matter WHAT weight you are, or how much you have to lose, whether you are maintaining or losing...each and everyone in that room are all in the same boat. They have some sort of weight issue, or problem concerning food that they seeking support  and have decided to do this through the weightwatchers meetings/program.

Anyways, basically the meeting today was about after a special occasion like thanksgiving, how to either rid yourself of the leftovers, or at least stash them in the back of your fridge and NOT the front. Keeping all your BETTER foods in the front. Good idea. But I was interested to hear the answers when they lady asked the HOW DID WE ALL DO OVER THE DINNER.... and WHAT DID YOU PERHAPS DO TO MAKE IT EASIER TO GET THROUGH....

This kind of struck a nerve with me. Why? Because the one thing I don't like...never did never when because you are watching or on a certain diet etc....why is it that people all of a sudden have this "label" sort of speak. I mean its one day...what I say is F#*& the points or whatever diet your on...ENJOY YOUR DINNER...LAUGH WITH YOUR DESERVE this time like everyone else! For that one day..put your diet aside. I personally would stress more with having in my head..what will I do...what will i choose..should I choose this or that? That friends would make me WANT to eat more.

And truthfully with 365 days in a year...and lets say roughly about 1 occasion per month give or take...REALLY? is it really going to kill ya? Come on. smiles. But they all either made some low points went for a long walk....where I just ate like a beast! That's good ol' me! Oh and felt GREAT!! :-D
A little bloated later and felt like I got hit by a truck, but I enjoyed that freedom for those lets say few hours at night, to choose what I wanted, how much, and to eat stress free with no thoughts on DIET OR FOOD CHOICES or gym...

Well I suppose speaking of food..I had my shake at 7...and now its 12 so getting a little hungry. Visalus helps you out..but 5 hours is long enough now :-)
Now its time to have my lunch which will prob consist of a 1 egg 3 egg white omelet with one toast...(not two but one) and a nice big huge ass salad...1tbl of a fattening dressing...followed by one fruit. Yuppers...

That's the thing with Visalus..with all the stuff you can snack on or have as treats you are so better off having one of their low calorie shakes!! What a difference that shake can make in how you feel and how it controls your hunger. And what a great product to add on to any DIET!! I can never overeat with them and it makes my choices when it comes to food so much easier to make when on them!

Even yesterday when I had my shake in the morning for breakfast..that same feeling came over me that I haven't felt in about a week...feeling so good..and a good full. I missed feeling that. And now I am trying to just use them, but also eat a little more as I mentioned...and see how these weightwatchers meetings will hopefully help me in the long haul! We will see...But 2 and a half pound loss in just a day...using Vi and counting..not too bad! ;-)

Take care and talk soon!! Thanks for everyone reading..and thanks for posting stace!! what a nice surprise!!  :-DD
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