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Finding It Difficult to Lose Weight? Here May Be One Reason Why.

Posted Sep 23 2012 5:00am

Do you make your own hell when it comes to not losing any weight? 

Do you persist in your old ways despite the fact that they’re no good for you, especially in the weight department?

Can you see what you’re doing that’s no good for you? Are these old ways so much a part of your personality that they are too hard for you to see clearly?  

If you have old ways that are spoiling your efforts to lose unwanted weight, try to identify them. Guess at them if you need to.

Here’s an example. A woman who always has to have a sunny disposition and make others feel bright and cheerful when they are in her presence eats to keep up her energy level, which in her eyes never should get depleted. She is on an emotional treadmill, and she might not even know it. Her take on herself is that she is a bubbly, fun person. Every once in a while, though, she feels the strain of all of this, but she puts it under the heading of how difficult life can be.

It’s truly hard sometimes to see what is taking its toll on you and on your attempt to shed your unwanted weight. Don’t make your weight-loss life a living hell. If you can’t tackle your weight-loss problem by yourself, by all means get some professional help.


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