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Finally grass on the way..

Posted Jun 30 2009 4:16pm
Hey Everyone! So excited to mention that construction guys are FINALLY working on my grass outside!!

I know it takes time but I, along with my other neighbours were getting so tired of looking at rocks and debris, and sticks and dirt for the last few months!!

I really enjoy my time outside, especially at night when the sun goes down and the kids are fast asleep to just sit on my back porch and hear absolutely nothing but the crickets and summer breeze. Its really relaxing for me doing that with a tea in my hand and just thinking good thoughts to myself, or when coming down from a busy day or even when thinking about just nothing. Its the tranquility of the night air that really brings my anxiousness down which I feel usually throughout my days.

Anyways nice to know that for the next part of the summer I will be watching as the grass begins to grow and it starts getting cleaner looking, which hopefully will also be an example of my personal life in the next few months.

I mean I have been constantly going from negative to positive..then something happens to shoot be back to negative and I have to get myself up to positive again, And now for the first time ever, I have to say I am so sick of this happening and just tired of it!

So I have decided to make a clean slate from here on in, and to stop allowing outside negative influences along with certain negative energies have such an effect on me. I am a person who really thinks alot, and when something bothers me it really really takes a certain effect on my life and what my output is. And I need to stop allowing myself do that.

No more! Nothing and no one is more important than your own happiness. And if something or someone is bringing you down for whatever reason, then its just not worth it. No matter how positive you perhaps have tried to be, no matter if your intentions are all good, there comes a point when you just need to move on and say enough already.

So on that note, while hearing the big truck outside and feeling the vibrations which is giving me a nice headache I suppose its best I sign off now;)
Cheers to new beginnings!

Talk soon
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