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Final wedding post...for a bit...promise :)

Posted Jul 11 2010 7:22am
Hey my dahlings!!

God I've blogged everyday this weekend!! Yay! I actually will be away for a few days so it'll be a little while until another one. A really good friend of mine who teaches in Kuwait is home for the summer.  It's always so exciting when she comes back because I hardly ever get to see her.  Anyway, so this means I'm off to London in a bit...sadly not London, England....London, Ontario. lol. 

Last night I went on down to the downtown area of my city because they just started showing free outdoor movies! How cute can you get? I am very into community type events like this, so it was really nice.  HOWEVER, I also had to deal with the sweet scent of, not freshly cut dogs on well as popcorn last night.  I partook in an ice-cream while watching the movie...bugger.  I seem to have an issue with ice-cream lately, but its just so 'summer' ya know.  I think in Canada we deal with months of crappy weather that when its nice we just have to embrace it because we know how fleeting it is! Anyway, so yes...another ice-cream...oh oh.  Honestly though, I have always had an issue with relaxing...very hard for me, but recently I feel so good.  The most relaxed I've been in possibly years? Maybe thats why I'm feeling so content? It's a weird feeling but nice. 
Obviously one of the reasons I feel good .I think, is the wedding. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when thinking of how my 'vision' is coming to fruition and how much I've done.  So...I promised one more post about it and then we're done for a litle while :)

I've always thought of myself as a fun, kinda quirky person...even though initially I think I may come across as stand-offish and mute...thats not really me at all.  I'm just a bit shy and take a while to trust new people. No, I think mostly I have a bright side and I really wanted to reflect that in the wedding, but instead it seems to have morphed into something very classy and elegant which is nice, but not what I expected. order to get that fun side across I did it with the patio.  I love, love, love bright colours so that was my focus on the patio.  I picked up a ton of brightly coloured lanterns.
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