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Fighting the good Fight

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:22pm
It's funny how just a few little words can just totally give you a wake up call!

My friend Melisa  is on a work trip this week.  All meals eaten out, all sorts of temptations all day every day.  She isn't giving into those temptations though!  Instead she is taking advantage of a few less responsibilities this week and working out more than ever.  She started her last post with this " I didn't count points and resist (some) temptations to lose 32lbs only to have a business trip set me back so I took steps to ensure I would have tools available to me to make the trip less scary."

That really woke me up out of my apathetic pity party!  Of course I've only lost 25.  I had to fight for those 25 pounds though!  They didn't come off easily like they used to.  I worked hard, I walked miles, I did more squats than any other time in my life!  I'm not going to comfort eat my way back to ground zero!

Many tears are being cried in our home this week.  Our hearts are aching.  

Our heads are still in the "game" though.  We know our loved one has worried about our weights for years.  In her honor we will fight through the emotional and physical pain and reach our goals in short order.  Even though I know he didn't want to, Jonathan spent the evening making a healthy low carb meal.  

What words re motivate you and remind you why you need to keep on going? 
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