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Fighting against our Feelings

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:03pm
NSV - Saying no to a beer! Last night at dinner I grabbed two beers, as usual. One for me and one for my DH. Then I paused and thought about it. I put one beer back and filled myself a glass of cold water.

What Sheila said on this post really hit home. I never complain that it is too hard to lose weight, because I know what I have to do and I know it isn't easy. The problem is I just don't feel like making the right choices sometimes - more often than not. I justify it in my head and make myself think that it isn't important to lose weight. I justify myself by saying "That's okay, I don't care. I am happy at this weight. Hey, I already lost 20, that's enough!" But I know that those things are not true!

Could you imagine what a messed up world we'd live in if we follow and act upon all our crazy feelings? Even worse than it is now (if it were possible). Acting upon our feelings is usually not a good idea. But it is easier and takes less effort. Not following our feelings require us to stop, think about it, decide what the best decision/action is, and the most important (and difficult) task of fighting against our feelings. That takes a lot of physical, mental and emotional strength and energy.

Instead of acting on my feelings, I am literally fighting my body and mind. This year I have decided to take each craving and binge habit one battle at a time.The first battle was portion control (although that one comes back from time to time). Then it was exercise discipline (that one has certainly come back). The next one was mid-afternoon cookie binges. I conquered that habit months ago. Then I went after my chocolate cravings, namely two weeks ago, in which I ate a whole package of tim-tams (chocolate cookies) probably equal to 3,000 calories at least. I have decided to win the battle, I will say no at all costs if the situation is a plate of cookies. I will only indulge occasionally, and in certain situations where I can limit what is available to me. I've set a limit of not more than once every 7 days. If it's been less since my last chocolate, I will say no. I am teaching myself it is not okay to eat chocolate all the time! It is supposed to be a treat, not a daily part of my diet.

The other problem now is running. I do have time to run in the morning. I find myself doing housework or in the garden trying to avoid my running shoes... why?!? I LOVE running? I don't know why. I am just lazy by nature, but seriously. Why am I avoiding the road? I'll have to dig deeper on that one to find out. But really, who cares why? I just need to find what will motivate me to change this non-running habit. I'll look online for a running event I can plan for. That will get me motivated!

One battle at a time.
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