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Fight Food Coma

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:43pm

numberplace.gif Those couple of hours after lunch are always tough for people to get through, especially if you work in an environment where it’s always quiet. For me personally I try and fight off this food coma by talking to people and doing a couple of puzzles just to get my gears turning. Or I could just eat less during lunch.

Rebus puzzle brainteasers offer a quick way to stay sharp and entertained. A rebus is a picture representation of a name, work, or phrase.

Sokodu is another great way to maintain your mental agility after lunch. Sodoku is a number placement puzzle. The aim is to enter a number from 1 to 9 in each cell of a grid, starting with various numbers given in some cells. Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each number.

I think most of these puzzles and brain teasers help us out of the food coma because they are fun. We all tend to come alive and have more energy when we’re engaged in something interesting. Speaking of which, I better do a quick sodoku because my eye lids are becoming incredibly heavy.

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