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Feeling light and free

Posted Jan 26 2010 12:00am
Today I feel relief and light, like I have let a bad thing go and I now feel free of these thoughts. This may not be the case every day and some days I may need courage and strength to fight them off. But today I feel good and I feel happy inside, very hard to explain but I do.

I have also made another choice, I want to try and eat as well as I can, I am not meaning calorie wise I mean in way of nutrition, I want to eat food this is as less as possible as it takes the body longer to process and it is better for me, I am also not going allow myself to have "blow out" once a week. I am going to eat once a week as a treat but it has to fit in my 1600 calories.. ice cream etc these can fit with a little juggling, also I found that the 85% chocolate is amazing value calories wise, these treats are allowed to be processed if I wish.

Went to go and play squash today and me partner did not turn up, so I by myself for 30 was nice to have some time to work on my drive and back hand (which is still crappy.. :( ) but I will get there, so I am going to play tomorrow morning at 9am with me friend and then I will walk doggies in the afternoon.. walla 2 sessions one day .. love it..

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