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Feeling heavy already, but much better in general

Posted Dec 15 2010 8:00am
Hey Bloggers! Well lately feeling alot better now. Pretty much my "morning sickness" or what I used to call "all day sickness" is gone! Thank goodness.
Much more energy at work. Next week I get another ultrasound done. I am looking forward to that. Nice to see how this little one is doing and if everything is A-ok so far.
That is the most important thing to me.

I am a little nervous this time around because after having my last little one, Emma, the doctor found a "M antibody" in my blood.
Apparently this is something that many women get after having kids. (so they say when googling it thank goodness for internet)
But nevertheless I remember my OB told me after Emma, you are best not having anymore. You have 3 healthy children, and with you carrying this, usually the babies that follow can have more complications. I think this is something that they NEED to say to be honest. I mean there is a chance but from what I read most babies turn out fine. But it all still made me, and still makes me somewhat nervous.
What is "m" antibody. Well its something the body developes that ends up looking at a fetus as a "infection" And so it kind of ends up fighting it in some cases, but this usually happens near the end.
So OB told me, once again just like she did with Emma, they will have to induce me once again early. The earlier the baby comes out the better. Although she says only 1 week early. I dont really understand what "1" week can really do, but she says that she does this because there is no real test they can do near the end that really says if baby is ok or not so its a chance and they just rather induce.

Well then, so I look forward to going to the hospital and getting induced and sitting there and waiting as the cramping starts and dealing with contractions there. I dont really like this.
Personally when I had my other kids before Emma, I loved being at home. And when my contractions started, I just kept busy here. Cleaning, walking around ...and just held off as long as I could before going in. I find the hospital so hard to just hang around there, especially in a bed, or walking the halls...BORING!
I would rather be in my own surroundings, makes time go by faster I find.

As far as physically, I find I feel really heavy. I mean how can i not. My eating habits have changed once again. My body actually has been through such a ringer:)
from losing tons of weight to gaining some, to now preg and gaining more. Fun.
 Talk about all over the place. My body at this point is prob so mixed up, and I wouldnt be surprised if its reacting by gaining a little more quick and easily. But I cannot worry about that now. I crack jokes with my coworker now..."well the ass is coming back" or here comes another "body transformation" of a different kind:-)

Life is too short, so you need to laugh. I will have to deal with losing again later for now its all about being pregnant, trying not to stress it too much and dealing later with that issue. Gosh I wont even get on a scale right now frightened on what I might see. How scary is THAT? But I feel heavier thats for sure.

Emotionally not doing too bad. Still feels unreal. I guess until you feel baby kicking it will be this way. But the first ultrasound I had about 3 weeks ago, when I went to that one, I remember seeing the heart flashing on the screen, nothing more real then that. I was like ....interesting. Here we go again:)
Thats the good thing this time around I get to have a few more ultrasounds then normal just to check in make sure things are good. So its kind of nice.
Oh friends.

So my official due date is July 7th who knows I might have the baby July 1st that would be pretty cool, being Canada day. Talk about life is a bunch of fireworks...woohooo....

anyways, thats about all for now. Still busy at night with different things, daughters dance classes, karate classes, sons tutoring, I must say..these things at night I dont really look forward to doing, but I have to continue to bring them. Most nights after work once dinner is done, the last thing I want to do is run around. But, I suppose it will keep me busy and make this time pass faster.

Will let you know how my ultrasound goes on the 23rd!
Thanks for reading
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