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Feeling Defeated But Looking at the Progress That Has Been Made

Posted Jan 20 2013 5:30pm
So there are there times where you feel defeated? Where you feel frustrated? You tried but it just isn't enough? That is how I felt Tuesday evening. I stayed at work late and didn't end up going to my workout. I came home and remembered that our complex has a gym that is free to us. So I told my husband I was going and he came along with me. I was excited for taking the initiative to do this because it was quite late and I could have easily done something else. I spent 5 minutes on the elliptical in immense pain. Then I tried the bike and the bike was worse actually. My knee is just not happy with the movement. It doesn't mind the exercise in the water (most of the time) but this other stuff -- no way. I felt defeated. I wanted to get a sweat going. I then decided to do some weights and ended up hurting my left arm lifting weights that were too heavy for me. I was feeling very defeated. But I am trying to stay positive and stay proud of myself for taking the initiative. It is the decisions in our life that lead us to the paths we are on. I am choosing to be on a healthy path which is a very positive thing for me.

I find it interesting how different my outlook is on life now versus a few years ago when I was at my lowest point. Things have changed tremendously and that I am grateful for. I'm thinking working my way into the elliptical is a possibility but I also know my knee is damaged (bone on bone) so I'm not really sure that there is such a thing as working into it in my circumstance. But I am not one to give up so I will try it again another time and see if I can stay on a little bit longer.

Life is good, pass it on!
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