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Feeling Classy: My First Spin Class Workout!

Posted Jan 20 2010 6:16am

I spent a lot of time working on the playlist and workout for my first spin class. I can make a good playlist, but I also had to be sure that the workout was effective, not boring, not too hard (they are mostly beginners), not full of F bombs, etc. I practiced it on Jacki and Kara and made a few changes until I was finally satisfied.

My whole philosophy for classes is to use the music to drive the workout. The playlist is designed so that at any given time, the pace of your legs should match the beat of the music. If you’re going faster than the music, you need to add resistance. If you can’t keep up with the beat, you need to take some resistance off. This ensures that everyone is working out at her own level.

My goal is to teach an upbeat, fun class that includes better than average tunes and incorporates a variety of different levels and paces so it’s never boring. I want people to feel like they worked, but like I was motivating and engaging enough that they’ll keep coming back, even if it was hard. Here’s my plan for this afternoon!

Love Today (Mika) Warm-up. I will use this time to walk them through the proper alignment of the body when cycling, as poor form not only drives me crazy, but is really quite dangerous. No locked elbows and rounded backs on my watch!

Right Round (Flo Rida)  8-count slow jumps on the verses, sit and spin on the chorus.

Sour Cherry (The Kills) First mini-hill, not terribly hard. Sit with some resistance for the first minute, climb in third position for the second minute, finish with a nice jog in second position.

I’m Not Your Toy (La Roux) Nice easy spin in third position on verses, sit and sprint on chorus.

Brooklyn We Go Hard (Jay-Z ft. Santigold) Second hill, much heavier resistance than the first. Same pattern as first, but longer intervals. Also, at the end, there will be a 15 second stability exercise, in which you take all the bounce out of your workout and use just your abs and legs to support you.

Iko Iko (The Hit Co.) Remove heavy resistance, sit and spin fast for two minutes.

She Wolf (Shakira) Medium resistance. 8 count slow jumps on the verses, sit and spin on the chorus.

Imma Be (Black Eyed Peas) Relatively high resistance; 8 counts in each of the three positions for the first three minutes of the song. At the end, when breaks it down, sit down, turn resistance down, and spin it out.

Wait a Minute (Pussycat Dolls) Medium resistance. Stand and jog in second position on the verses, sit and spin on the chorus.

Just Dance (Lady Gaga) Medium-low resistance. Sit and spin on verses, 4 count slow jumps on the chorus.

Bulletproof (La Roux) Low resistance. Sit and sprint on verses, jump to third position and sprint on chorus. I love this song SO much and it is a REALLY good spinning song. You just TEAR through the chorus!

Gone Going (Black Eyed Peas) An oldie but a socially-conscious goodie! This is just to slow the legs down, towel off, fix your hair, etc. and start stretching.

New Soul (Yael Naim) More stretching/bike clean-up music.

Because most of the class is beginners, the jumps are SLOW! They are really in half-time. I think jumping is the hardest part of spinning, especially for newbies, so I want them to get used to the jumping before we get crazy! (Which we will eventually, if I get the job! I LOVE fast jumps.)

If you haven’t heard all these songs and you’re curious to hear how they will work with the workout, you can YouTube the videos to get an idea for it! And this is also a pretty solid playlist even if you aren’t spinning…whatever your form of cardio, just adjust the resistance/incline accordingly so your pace matches the beat. I did it on the elliptical the other day and it totally worked!

The class is at 5:30 but am going over there a couple hours early to play around with the bikes and make sure they are all in good shape and to make sure my music all works. I’ll probably be listening to this playlist all day to make sure I get the cues perfectly. I’m so nervous/excited for teaching!! Eeeee!

Have a great day!

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