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Feeling better physically

Posted Nov 15 2005 12:00am

I'm starting to feel a little better physically. The cold germ seems to be letting loose and should move on shortly. For that I'm thankful. I'm a pretty cranky person when I'm sick! The sinuses seem to be recovering and the post nasal drip is drying. The sore throat is no longer an issue now. Just a dry tickle in the throat from time to time that triggers a bout of coughing.

I do feel very unmotivated right now. I think it's mainly due to the weather we've been having and my seemingly low tolerance to the chill in the air. This is generally my favorite time of year but this year I'm not enjoying it like I used to.

I totally forgot about the anniversary of my mother-in-law passing on Sunday. It wasn't until Tim mentioned it last night that I remembered. No wonder he seemed out of sorts on Sunday. This is a rough time of year for him. He's an only child with both parents gone. Though I've told him time and again he has my family, I know it isn't the same. I used to love Thanksgiving and now I dread it because we always spent that holiday with his mom. I'll be glad when the new years rushed in!

My youngest daughter appears to be angry with me. I guess I said something yesterday about her boyfriend and how he doesn't drive them anywhere and it upset her. She had a flat tire yesterday morning. So her boyfriend was forced to drive them to school. No big deal .... or at least it shouldn't be ... as he has a car that is fine. We were out running errands when she got in from school and they didn't even bother to take the tire off so we could find out if it could be plugged or if she needed to buy a new one. Then her boyfriend called one of my friends and asked her husband to come over and help. By then, it was pouring rain but he came. They plugged the tire and got it back on the car. I commented "What was the rush? Why can't your boyfriend drive this week? Is there a problem with his car?" I thought they were honest questions but I guess Mandi didn't appreciate them. She never came out of her bedroom the rest of the evening and this morning it appears neither of them is talking to me. Gawd, I hate this teenage drama crap!

Ah well ... guess I'll start my round of blogs and move on into the day. It's very chilly here this morning and quite gloomy ... matches my mood. I wish I could just crawl back into bed and snuggle with Tim but he had problems last night and needs the rest. Woke up gasping for breath and choking. This happens sometimes, particularly when he's stressing about something. Don't know what he's worried about right now but it usually has to do with money issues. So I'll let him rest and get this day started without him.

Let the day begin!

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