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Feeling a bit Hungry? Try some of the following products and remember to drink WATER!!

Posted Apr 07 2010 8:32pm


Proud to be Hungry

This tip is kind of philosophical. There will be times (perhaps many times) that you will be hungry. Instead of exceeding your points and eating something, wear your hunger as a badge of honor. The hunger you feel lets you know that the program is working. I’d be surprised if you can go around feeling full all the time and still lose weight. However, this should be the exception rather than the rule. If you find you are hungry all or most of the time, speak with your Weight Watchers leader.

Some products that I recommend:

Quaker flavored rice cakes

These are pretty tasty and satisfying and only 1 point each. I’m partial to the banana nut variety, but they come in many flavors.

The Skinny Cow

They make several low-fat, low-calorie desserts which are all pretty large and very tasty, most are only two points each.

Boca Burgers

These meat-free hamburger clones are only 2 points each. They come in a variety of flavors (salsa, cajun, vegetable, etc.) and can be either cooked on a grill or microwaved. They even have the “grill lines” stamped on them.

Smart Ones

This is an entire product line of entrees and desserts from Weight Watchers. The desserts are very good and range from 1-4 points each. The entrees range from 4-6 points each and are tasty, but should be accompanied by a salad to make a complete meal. If you have enough points saved up for dinner, you can even have two!


Salsa has no points and makes a great topping to Boca Burgers, baked potatoes, etc. A green or red pepper cut into strips and dipped in salsa makes a great zero-point snack.

The Boston Market Turkey Carver

This sandwich, when ordered without cheese or dressing is very hearty and tasty and only 7 points. Along with a salad it makes a pretty good low-point dinner.

Weight Watchers Breakfast Bars

These are sold at WW meetings. They are pretty filling and are only 2 points. They make for a nice “light” breakfast.

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