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Feeding my Bag Addiction and Feeding my Soul

Posted Nov 11 2013 6:00pm


You might be unaware, but I have a fair amount of Pinterest followers. One of my most followed boards is entitled " Bag Snob ." 

It's true. My name is AJ and I have a purse problem. I love them. A lot. And I am fairly picky about what I love but luckily, what I love is vastly available. I like originality, practicality and even a little utilitarianism. Black, white, gray, colors. Preferably big and roomy cause I'm a crazy old lady -- I keep everything in my purse. And there's nothing like a perfect cross-body bag for a bust lady like me. I want it to sit on my hip, where it belongs, not on my ribcage.

Anyway, you get it -- I love them. 

Get ready to have your mind. blown. 

Rickshaw Bags are designed to satisfy both the left and right sides of our brain. There are numerous subtle details in their designs, and a few clever innovations, that distinguish the design, material selection and construction of their bags from others. Are you ready? THEY ARE MADE OUF OF RECYCLED WATER BOTTLES. Rickshaw is a small, independent company, with a strong sense of moral obligation to contribute to the greater good. That aside, which is noble in of itself, founder Mark Dwight started Rickshaw to satisfy a personal love of bags: "We love bags, and we love how people in general love their bags. It’s wonderful, if not kind of weird, the way people grow attached to their favorite one – as though it were a pet, or loved-one. We think that’s pretty cool."

Well I do, too, Mr. Dwight. Thanks for putting it so perfectly. 

Seriously, ladies, ever "visit" a bag you want to buy? C'mon. Fess up. You know you've done it. In store or online. Who's raising their hand? 

The bags evoke the inspiration of city living, and all its excitement, diversity and culture. The bags scream out San Francisco or Brooklyn. It's a creative energy that pulses through communities like that.

Check out this article  the CEO wrote about sustainable manufacturing. Keep in mind "form, function, and footprint..."

It reminded me of a lot of entrepreneurs I've seen on ABC's "Shark Tank" (it's my favorite show, in case you didn't know) and I immediately also thought of some of my favorite local shops and companies such s Artisinal LA  (supports sustainable, local edibles) and the magnificent crafting community happening south of here -- you may recall my outing at The Makery . In any case, it really makes me think about being a "bag snob" because who cares what designer it is, what it costs or where it's made if it looks good and is usable? Here, with Rickshaw, you have bags made from friggin' recycled goods and they look terrific. I want one. 

It further inspires me to shop for the holidays this year with a new point of view. More gifts from Etsy, less gifts from Macy's - ya know what I'm sayin'? 

I cannot wait for another trip to San Francisco so I can take a tour of their factory -- they do it for anyone who wants to see it! Photo-takers are embraced and welcome. If anyone checks this out before I do, you have to let me know what it's like! (Can you tell I am totally into this brand?)

A cool video you should take a look at as well:

A lil' bit more, speaking of "footprint!" Visit and stalk Rickhaw bags in these places on the internets:

Disclaimer: I recently joined the Markerly blogging community and am posting this in exchange for compensation and their warm, loving hugs. ;)

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