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February 2010 – June 2010 ‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show’ Upcoming Podcast Interview Schedule

Posted Feb 17 2010 8:19pm

The recording microphone has been running nonstop lately

I’ve been recording interviews like a madman since the beginning of the new year and boy do I have some great ones coming up for you over the next few months. I’m so honored to be able to speak with some of the best and brightest voices in the world of nutrition, health, and low-carb living. It is my distinct privilege and honor to speak directly to these people who work behind-the-scenes advancing the positive message of livin’ la vida low-carb in their own unique way and I am thrilled to bring the following interviews to you beginning now through the beginning of summer!

You’ll even notice I threw in a couple of “surprise” interview guests that will keep you guessing until the date they actually air. You just never know who’s gonna show up on this podcast show. Plus, I’ll have two 5-day podcast weeks featuring some bloggers I think you should know about on April 5-9, 2010 and then again the week of June 21-25, 2010. I’ve included links to who these people are as well as to their books if you’d like to check them out in advance of my interviews airing. Keep in mind that most of these have already been recorded and are in queue to air over the next few months, so specific questions for them that you may have will be impossible for me to ask.

Now, as I like to say, without further delay let’s share who’s gonna be on:

Episode 336–February 22, 2010–Dr. Bill Gavin (No White At Night)
Episode 337–February 25, 2010–Dr. Nancy Appleton(Suicide by Sugar)
Episode 338–March 1, 2010–Dr. Eric Westman (New Atkins For A New You)
Episode 339–March 4, 2010–Dr. Uffe Ravnskov (Fat & Cholesterol Good For You)
Episode 340–March 15, 2010–Tracey Rollison (Good Life Menus)
Episode 341–March 18, 2010–Susan Siljander (GrassrootHealth’s DAction)
Episode 342–March 22, 2010–Stanley Fishman (Tender Grassfed Meats)
Episode 343–March 25, 2010–Dr. Stephan Guyenet (Whole Health Source)
Episode 344–March 29, 2010–Jon & Cathy Payne (Our Natural Life)
Episode 345–April 1, 2010–Patricia Moreno (IntenSati)
Episode 345–April 5, 2010–Matt Stone (180 Degree Health)
Episode 347–April 6, 2010–Richard Nikoley (Free The Animal)
Episode 348–April 7, 2010–Kelly The Kitchen Kop (Kelly The Kitchen Kop)
Episode 349–April 8, 2010–Dave Dixon (Spark of Reason)
Episode 350–April 9, 2010–Lindsey Root (Low-Carb Lindsey)
Episode 351–April 12, 2010–Marion Hauser/Nicole Baird (The Hauser Diet)
Episode 352–April 15, 2010–Dr. Jonny Bowden (Living Low Carb)
Episode 353–April 19, 2010–Wes Bertrand/Kevin Koskella (Healthy Mind Fit Body)
Episode 354–April 22, 2010–Dr. Terry Brown (Low-carb sleep specialist)
Episode 355–April 26, 2010–Adam Kosloff (Why Low-Carb Diets Work)
Episode 356–April 29, 2010–Melissa Smith (Going Against The Grain)
Episode 357–May 3, 2010–Dr. Rob Thompson (Low-Starch Diabetes Solution)
Episode 358–May 6, 2010–Dr. Norris Chumley (The “Give-Back” Diet)
Episode 359–May 10, 2010–Jeff Thiboutot/Matt Schoeneberger (S.P.E.E.D.)
Episode 360–May 13, 2010–SURPRISE INTERVIEW GUEST
Episode 361–May 17, 2010–Connie Leas (Fat: It’s Not What You Think)
Episode 362–May 20, 2010–Dr. Frederic Vagnini (Beating Diabetes)
Episode 363–May 24, 2010–Rich Vos (Results Typical)
Episode 364–May 27, 2010–Dr. Kevin Boehm (Gum disease and heart health)
Episode 365–May 31, 2010–Dr. Ron Rosedale (Noted low-carb doctor)
Episode 366–June 3, 2010–Michael Nova (Low-carb success story)
Episode 367–June 7, 2010–Dr. Eric Kosoff (Low-carb diet researcher)
Episode 368–June 10, 2010–Dr. R. Douglas Fields (The Other Brain)
Episode 369–June 14, 2010–Kevin Brown (The Liberation Diet)
Episode 370–June 17, 2010–SURPRISE INTERVIEW GUEST
Episode 371–June 21, 2010–Connie Bennett (SUGAR SHOCK!)
Episode 372–June 22, 2010–Ann Marie Michaels (CHEESESLAVE)
Episode 373–June 23, 2010–Amy Dungan (Healthy Low-Carb Living)
Episode 374–June 24, 2010–James Hahn II (Slave2Freedom)
Episode 375–June 25, 2010–Holly Hickman (Healthy Eats Here)

Well, this is gonna take up half of 2010 just with these interviews, but I always love and appreciate hearing your suggestions for future guests. Please feel free to send those directly to me anytime at THANK YOU for making “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show with Jimmy Moore” the #1 low-carb podcast on the Internet today and keep telling your friends and family who desperately need to hear the message to listen. Don’t forget to help us keep these interviews coming by making a donation through PayPal using the e-mail address and leave a review at iTunes about the show! You guys are awesome!

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