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Feats: Planning a Wedding.

Posted Jun 04 2012 8:09am

With all of the craziness of the end of the term/work/finals/life, people told me not to worry about wedding planning and just take it all in and start planning down the road.

Clearly, they’ve never met my betrothed. Or me. Not going to happen.

The Dude (aka Doug, now that we’re getting hitched he said I can say his name on the interwebz :) ) is a planner. Not like a control-freak, OCD, “OH MY GOD WILL THEY GET MY VISION?!” type of planner (unlike someone we know….)

He’s a laid back, “I want everyone to have a kick-ass time so let’s figure out how to do that” planner. His nickname among his friends during and after college was “Social Chair” because he was the one to organize, socialize and plan trips, outings, dinners and get-togethers. He started planning our Christmas party in August. And it was frigging awesome (more on that soon…I realize it is June).

This attitude also translates into being very involved in the planning process for our wedding – which I HIGHLY appreciate. I’m not the one having to make all of the decisions (which would give me major anxiety) and it’s not just about me, it’s about US.

I’ve noticed that a pervasive wedding media message sent towards brides is: “It’s your day! Do what YOU want!” and it’s really interesting to me. Yeah, it is “my day”….but it’s also Doug’s day and the start of our marriage. It’s a day for our families to come together and become one big giant family. It’s a day for the friends that we keep telling “You know my friend so-and-so? You would totally love them” to actually meet one another. It’s a day for fun, love, food, meaning and promises – NOT just a day all about me.

In that vein, we’ve planned almost all of our big things in the almost-two months that we’ve been engaged. Date, budget, ceremony/reception location, colors, style/theme, centerpieces, photographer, caterer, bridal party and attire…I know there’s 7000 other to-do’s to cross off our list, but it feels good to have so many things figured out already – and we still have a year to go :)  

I’ve known that we make a great team, but it’s really fun to see it play out in the planning process. We split things up pretty evenly and naturally, in that one of us ended up finding the caterer and one of us found the photographer, etc. so that neither of us is overwhelmed. We also try to remind each other of what’s important (like when I found out HOW MUCH flowers cost!?!) and have VERY creative and excited family and friends to help us! I know I’m going to need a lot of help in the next year, when I’m working, finishing my last year of school and planning this shindig so I feel good starting to ask for it now! 

If you planned a wedding or are currently planning one, what’s your biggest piece of advice!! :)

10 Week Turnaround

Last week was sort of a hiatus week, with the holiday and other things going on. Week 2 was my attempt to stop drinking sweetened drinks like iced chai.

Week 2: 

It didn’t go so well. I had probably a handful of iced teas and a few iced chais. I discovered that I was substituting the sweetened drinks and chais for coffee. Because I wasn’t drinking any coffee, I thought I needed to sub more chai or tea in the afternoon because I would get tired. I’m still trying to figure out this balance, but I ended up drinking a coffee a day and that was it. It seemed to work in that I wasn’t drinking nearly as many “other” beverages…but it still means I’m drinking coffee! I think I’m okay with this if it means less sweetened drinks and just one caffieneated beverage a day!

Week 2 Results:

I can’t even quantify how many drinks I had…so let’s just say 4/7 days I did well!

57% (yowch!)

Week 3

This week I’m going to work on tracking my meals!

Why: Tracking my meals really helps me to know what/how much I’ve been eating. It also helps me to remember to eat various food groups and more veggies, since I’ve been in the habit of  eating for convenience and not for health in the past few months. I think we’ve all heard that keeping a food log/tracking meals is a key to eating better/healthier!

How: I have a super cute Moleskin notebook that I love and will be tracking my meals in it at the end of the day. I’m going to keep it on my bedside table so I can remember to jot things down when I go to sleep. I’ve also been using Instagram a lot lately (name: EMac83) and will post pictures of meals that way!

What’re you working on this week?!

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