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Fears for Spears

Posted by Kristen D.

I saw this group tonight and decided to comment on something that's really started to bug me. Everywhere you turn you hear about Britney Spears. Sure, there's times when I hear things about her and how she goes about her everyday life with and without her children in her presence and I can't help but question her judgement. But it's really gotten to the point where I've started to fear for the woman's health-her mental health especially. There are celebrity news sites where you can watch video of her surrounded by papparazzi whether she's walking or in her car, and I really don't know how she handles it-and how she's handled it since she was a teenager. Yes, she may have made some bad decisions, but having to live like this, wouldn't the strain get to you too?
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Britney's emotional health is definitely questionable. I had PPD after giving birth and having heard about her, I wonder if she has or is suffering from untreated PPD as well. It can be very difficult to go from an individual to a pampered pregnant woman to a mommy. You lose your individuality and the focus shifts from you to the baby. It is hard to feel so unimportant and it is hard to figure out who you are again once you've become mommy. Obviously, not all mothers suffer from this problem but I do wonder if Britney is, since she's been in the limelight from a young age. She could be seeking attention for individual Britney as opposed to the attention she gets as mommy Britney. Now that she is getting her music career started again, perhaps she'll come to herself again and realize what she needs to do to become an individual and a mommy at the same time. That way, she'll be able to get back on track for her childrens' sake. It took a lot for me but I've found myself as individual and as mommy and couldn't be more content. I hope Britney does too.
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