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FDA Recalls Popular Diet Pill - Why are we still taking these pills!?!

Posted May 05 2009 5:49pm
I am still shocked at the fact that with all of our knowledge and research that we now know today which proves, through research and otherwise, that the only constant to acheive healthy and permanent weight loss isn't through anything magical in a bottle. A healthy balanced diet with exercise creating a healthy calorie deficit is IT! I don't get it. People are still willing to put themselves at risk by popping pills that promise them results. And the ironic part about most of these kinds of products is that they will usually qualify it by saying "to be taken with a combination of reduced calorie diet and regular exercise" or something like that, don't they??!

This morning I read this article on The Weekly Bite about Hydroxycut, " FDA Recalls Popular Diet Pill - Why are we still taking these pills!?!"

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Does this scare you? Anger you? Remind you of how you have to be your own health researcher and advocate? Don't trust these companies who promise you results with a pill! WHY risk it???
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