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Faux News: Breast Milk for Weight Loss

Posted by AregM

This week while trawling the web I came across an article in a Japanese website that talked about research into Lactoferrin. Apparently daily supplements of lactoferrin led to a significant reduction in visceral fat. The richest source of lactoferrin is human breast millk or colostrum. After a bit of research I decided the article was to be placed in the dubious tabloid category. Unbelievably Fox News have actually reported this in their Health news section: Is Breast Milk the Next Diet Fad? A quick read of the japanese article presents us with some outrageous puns: Lion plans to commercialize its discovery, hoping that using the breast milk substance to prevent people from getting fat will fatten its bank accounts. Economist Takuro Morinaga predicts lactoferrin could produce a boom from the bust. More research shows that this is an english translation of an article printed in sleazy Japanese adult magazine Asahi Geino. ....Continued on
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