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Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I watched this documentary last...

Posted Aug 14 2012 9:23am

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

I watched this documentary last week. The film maker Joe Cross actually offers it for free right on his website at:

Well worth checking out. I’ll admit the first part of the movie was kind of slow, and I had a hard time figuring out where it was going. The second part was probably the most inspirational thing I ever saw.

The movie is basically about juicing. Not steroids, vegetables, and some fruit. The film maker who’s Australian basically takes a trip to the US and lives on Juice for 60 days. In the process, he loses an incredible amount of weight and completely cures a skin condition which he had be on meds for to keep under control.

I’ve always been a big fan of juicing. I have been doing every morning minus vacations for about 6 months now. Really notice a difference if I miss a day.

People often turn to things like Body by Vi, Aktins, Bernstein, you name it to lose weight. The problem is this stuff is a diet, a plan, and more concerned about reducing calories as opposed to supplying you with good valuable vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in high amounts in order to heal and repair your body.

You can reduce the calories in your diet and lose weight whenever you want. The problem however, without healing your insides or improving your lean body mass, your results will never be permanent. You energy, looks and how you feel are directly related to the foods you eat.

The film maker Joe Cross makes quite the transformation, however where the real inspiration comes is in the people he meets along the way. This one guy he met was a truck driver with the same skin condition, but 430 lbs and on a truck load of pills to keep himself alive. The guy basically gave up hope on life. No physical activity and poor poor eating habits. When Joe returned to Australia he got call from this guy which made him fly back.

The truck driver decided to try 10 days of the fast. He lost 30lbs and never felt better in his life. He went on to complete 30 then finally 60 days. The doctor took him off all his medication, he started running, playing football with his kids and went from a 5XL (Yes these do exist) to a XL. It was unbelievable. He became a huge inspiration for community and started his own juicing support group where his local organic food store would hand out juicers to people in the community for a 10 day cleanse.

Trust me, I find some of these movies are too in your face and make you feel awful about your health. This one is different. I recommend you take a peak.


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