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Fat Loss Expert’s Last Minute Christmas Present Tips

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:18pm
Sydney Fat Loss expert, Daniel Munday has the perfect answer for people looking for a last minute present for the person on your list who is hard to buy for.

Munday has listed 3 of his top fitness gifts that will ensure satisfaction at your Christmas gathering as well as satisfaction that will continue to last through the year.

1) Done for you exercise to music soundtracks

The best gift that you can get the person that has everything else is a workout soundtrack mp3 program. This present gives you a done for you exercise music tracks that tell you when to go flat out and when to recover. “It is ideal for both cardio interval training sessions and strength training.

You can choose from so many different interval programs that it gives you an endless source of fat loss exercise music. You simply upload them onto your mp3 player and press play. It just doesn’t get any easier.” Munday says. You can only find these popular soundtracks online here

2) Foam Roller

For the serious trainer a must have accessory that few people actually have is a foam roller. These long cylinder pieces of foam are a godsend for people with really tight muscles or injury concerns. “It is like having your own personal masseuse on call” is how Munday sums them up. “Your recovery will improve and your flexibility will increase as well” he continues. The best quality foam rollers are available at Rebel sport stores or online here

3) Gift voucher for a group training program

A group training program, or boot camp style of workout, is a great way to introduce you to a training routine with a professional and qualified fitness expert. “The best thing about group sessions is the support network that people give each other.

Research has shown that you need the help of others to reach your goals whether it be for fat loss or general fitness and the best way is to get your friends and train together” Munday states.

The other benefit of group training is it is a lot cheaper than personal one on one training sessions which is ever important in these times of financial belt tightening.

The above three gifts are certain to put a smile on the faces of anybody who receives them this Christmas season and to encourage people to take action now, Daniel Munday is offering a personal one on one fifteen minute phone coaching call to accelerate your fat loss results for anybody who responds to this release and purchases his Aussie Fatblast Success System online fat loss resource.

You must purchase before Sunday December 21, 2008 to take advantage of this special, once off offer.

Simply email to take him up on this special Christmas offer.

This gives you a free 15 minute coaching call anywhere in the world that has a value of $50.

Are you sick of the way you look? Daniel Munday is a Fat Loss Expert based in Sydney, Australia who is dedicated to separating the fitness fact from fiction and helping you solve your fat loss puzzle.

He specialises in giving busy Corporate Professionals the fat loss results they finally deserve and now you can finally share in his once secret methods via his Aussie Fatblast Success System – the fat loss solution for busy professionals in 20 minutes or less.

Take the steps to change your body today by downloading your free audio and eBook Aussie Fatblast Secrets Revealed report on what you should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure your fat loss success at
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