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Fat Loss and Wedding Talk

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:16pm
So I bought a few new shirts at Banana Republic yesterday. One in particular is a "fitted" style blouse, so it's supposed to be on the tighter side. They only had size medium left which is actually the size I end up getting with most shirts, but sometimes large too, depending on the style and fabric. So standing up (which is what you usually do in the fitting room), the shirt fits nicely. It's kind of snug at the rib cage, but it's a "fitted shirt." Now that I'm wearing it today, I realize that when I sit down, it looks like it doesn't fit and the buttons look like they're getting a work out! Pffffft! But on the bright side, this could be my wedding dress "guide" shirt. Instead of constantly trying on my wedding dress to see if I'm fitting any more comfortably in it (and having to go over to my MOH's house where it is being hidden), I can use this shirt as a guide because if I can get this shirt fitting any better when I sit down, chances are that means that my wedding dress will be fitting better too!

My MOH, Amy works with a girl who is also a personal trainer and has been working with her to slim down for her big day. From what I have been learning lately about fat loss, and what Amy has been telling me about her program, she sounds like she's got the right methods and programs set up for her AND because she's fairly newly certified, she's CHEAP! So when Amy gets back this weekend from her trip to her hometown to finalize her wedding details, she's going to hook me up with her to set me up on a program. Apparently she can just go to whatever gym you go to and go through it all with you. I think I'm willing to give her a try because I think I need someone to kick my butt on the weight training side. Contrary to what everyone thinks to do more cardio for fatloss, weight training seems to be where it's at and I've got 3 solid months to see results and that's enough time. I preached about it already for a month and I've done notta....zilch. No more whining and half-assed promises to commit. This is it and I've got enough time to do it, so there's no sense in procrastinating anymore making it more of a panic and impossible. THIS IS MY WEDDING and the finish line. Period.

The problem is though that I do fear that some of the problem could be my rib cage size which you can do nothing about. I don't have back fat (praise the lord for that), but I've got some love handles and some fat to lose around the mid-section which will help with the dress. Of course there's always going to be some extra skin that I won't be getting rid of, but in all honesty, it's really not that bad and not as bad as I feared it would be when I was starting with weight loss. From what I can tell, most of my extra weight is in my thighs which won't make my dress more comfortable, but you can't really control where you're going to lose the fat. Most people don't believe in spot reduction. We shall see.

Lynn and I were chatting at the race about alterations etc. and she said that all wedding dresses are made to be able to come out a bit, so I'm going to have to investigate this soon. I've got a number for a seamstress I'm going to call. All I need is an inch. If it's possible, I am going to get it taken out if it's not going to change anything about the dress and since it's a corset, it can be tightened to whatever.

So there's my scatterbrained wedding thoughts for the day. Oh and I got my invitations finalized the other day and they are being made right now. I love them, they are beautiful :-)
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