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Fat Loss – Without a Diet

Posted Feb 25 2013 6:27am

We look at ourselves in the mirror and we see that pesky fat. We go on diet after diet and nothing seems to work, frustrating us to no end.   The problem sometimes isn’t in what diet we go on. It’s what kinds of vitamin we’re getting that makes us healthy and helps keep us thin.    Keeping fit is something we all need to do but in terms of our diet it is important to keep one thing in mind: we need vitamin B12.   B12 and fat loss do go hand in hand for two main reasons.

1)     Immediate Energy Supply – Energy sustains us and it keeps us going throughout the day. With adequate amounts of B12 we get enough energy to handle our daily tasks without the crashes.   This in turn helps us maintain energy to burn fat.  

2)     Stored Energy Supply – There are stores of energy built up in our bodies.   You can make more energy from food the more you eat and that energy in turn is used to essentially burn up the fat cells.  

Vitamin B12 doesn’t get a lot of play other than when it is referenced in energy drinks. The problem with that is energy drinks are filled with so many sugars and bad carbohydrates that it is actually bad for you. You will come down with a crash very hard.   It also doesn’t help you with fat loss.  

Liquid vitamin B12 helps you get a good store of energy. It can help you sustain enough energy to get through a workout or finish your chores around the house.    You can also get it in natural sources like chicken, fish, and spinach, but to be realistic, none of us have quick and easy access to it if we’re on the road.  

B12 can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) for instant results – and the best part is it’s all natural.   Perhaps B12 is the best catalyst to assist in helping you burn off your fat cells and continue to do so as you try to master your ideal weight.   Diets and exercise are one thing, but if you’re not getting the proper nutrient you may be doing a disservice to your body.

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